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This Carson persecution just keeps getting more sinister with each session.  Webster defines “Sinister” as  “having an evil appearance : looking likely to cause something bad, harmful, or dangerous to happen”.  We have Webster here in all its glory or…  After having been absent for a while working on other criminal cases I come back to find more and more detrimental conduct within the District Attorney’s Office.

For openers, finding out that a secret deal was made with the felony embezzler Sabrina Romero in which the victim was not allowed to make a victim impact regarding the hardship this criminals conduct placed upon the victim. The illustrious District Attorney’s Office at the behest of one of their district attorneys, (If I have to tell you which one, you have not been following the true reporting of this case either on backstorynews.com or dawgsblog), saw fit to reduce the $12,000 felony embezzlement charge to a misdemeanor with a whole 90 day jail sentence none of which she will never see behind bars because of the overcrowding in the jail.

For those of you who don’t know, Sabrina Romero is one of the prosecution’s  star witnesses in this case. Romero’s felony embezzlement case was filed on February 27, 2013 and had 20 some pretrial hearings for the last three years. Then suddenly without any commotion, Romero was quietly and inconspicuously given a misdemeanor conviction with a 90 day jail sentence that won’t be served and no restitution order fpr the victim in the minute order. Romero has paid back $2000 of the $12,000 that she stole and heaven only knows where she got that money from. But the victim has no restitution order to try to enforce.

But remember, chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira has guaranteed the court that no deals whatsoever have been made to in anyway benefit the criminals that she is parading before the public answer testilie, darn spellcheck never works when you need it. Since I have your attention, remember I am selling my oceanfront property in Death Valley at a bargain price. (Sarcasm intended). The way this hearing is turning out, there may be some people who will have a hard time getting their noooose in while entering Department 26.

Checking the Stanislaus County court index, Romero’s case still shows a preliminary hearing on March 14, 2016. On that date she pled nolo contendre and was sentenced. Here it is about a month later and there is still no status update on the Stanislaus County court index. Is there some mysterious reason why it doesn’t show her conviction? Normally the court index is updated on a regular basis at least on people who are not prosecution witnesses in this case.

As an example, below is a case I was the investigator on that shows that on February 17, 2016 our client pled guilty to the charge, was sentenced, the fine was sent to collections and the case was disposed of on February 19, 2016. This update to the court index was done in two days. Where, oh where can Romero’s update be? You don’t think her case has been expunged already do you? Just saying.