Yet another story the bee didn’t catch…

Another story the Modesto Bee won’t tell you… At 6:00am on 941 McHenry Ave, armed assailants pulled up next to T&N Plumbing at and conducted a violent, premeditated assault on the property and two employees of the business.

The crime was so brash, the criminals not only conducted the crimes in broad daylight, and they parked right next to the T&N Plumbing (in a late model white 4 door sedan).

They got out of the vehicle, scaled the spiked/ curved wall with precision.   It was then that the surveillance cameras (high quality) had them covered.  They were carrying – a 12 gauge shotgun and some type of handgun (possibly a 9MM).

They proceeded to stalk around the building and parking lot before deciding to shoot out one the of side doors of T&N Plumbing.  What they didn’t know (hopefully) was that technicians were in building at the time.

One of employees was hit in the leg by the shotgun blast, and the other uninjured technician busted out through the front door in order to escape.  The injured employee then was taken at gunpoint to the front and asked questions as to “where was the money?” (a shotgun was held to his head).

The assailants busted the office doors, and this is where it gets strange.  Although several expensive laptops, computer equipment and even cash/credit cards were within plain sight – they were looking for a specific thing.  A black bag with legal papers in it.  They found the bag and then left.

The police arrived and even a K-9 unit.  At some point, The District Attorney’s investigator (Steve Jacobson) took over the investigation, and questioned several people for hours.

When Steve Jacobson was asked why he was there, (because he lacked jurisdiction) he cryptically said “(because we have an interest)”.

At this time we await the MPD report and the Modesto Bee Story.