Winning Elections

The book “Winning Elections: Political Campaign Management, Strategy & Tactics” by Ronald A. Fauchux, includes a chapter by Ted Hilliard on the Mayor’s 1999 campaign.

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Winning Elections Carmen Sabatino


The chapter included in that book came from Campaigns & Elections Magazine.

An excerpt from Ted Hilliard’s article “A case study for winning an election…”

“The 1999 election for mayor in the central California town of Modesto started out with a familiar cast of characters and a sense of déjà vu among the political insiders. For the fifth time since 1975, restaurateur, retired schoolteacher and political activist Carmen Sabatino would be facing his arch rival , incumbent Mayor Dick Lang. In the previous two contests in 1991 and 1995, Sabatino had challenged Lang for the mayor’s seat. The first two contests between two had been for a council seat.

The one wild card in this face-off was the entry of City Councilwoman Kenni Friedman. Lang had been office, as either a councilman or mayor or, for22 years. Anti-incumbent sentiment was stirring, and many observers gave Friedman good odds of winning…” (read more in the PDF).