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Who is Ted Brandvold? He is a nice man.

He is known now as the Mayor of Modesto, who filed for election to the office on the very last day.

At a campaign Tea Party Forum, he said, “I was recruited by Petrulakis, but I’m not taking his help.”

The next question, who is George Petrulakis?

For 3 decades Petrulakis has worked, for and with, development mogul Mike Zagaris, in their quest to take over Modesto.

Political power is essential to profitability in the development industry. That power is gained by electing government officials who will vote for your business interest.

On another occasion, Brandvold said, “I was persuaded to run by Petrulakis.”

Brandvold might have had help in changing the word recruit to persuade.

At the League of Women Voters Forum, which was not televised this year, Brandvold said, “The campaign for Mayor is nonpartisan.”

This would be a good question to ask Stanislaus County Republican Supervisor Jim DeMartini, Chairman of the Republican Central Committee.