Where is the Independent Audit?

Independant Auditor Modesto CA

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Much action, but no progress on Cities Finances.
During the Council Meeting in January regarding the Modesto overspending debacle – one thing is clear – we, the public were no closer to accountability or real answers.  That is because we, the public were never meant to get the truth.    In all the dust and smoke and noise during Januarys Council Meeting, very little substance or clear conclusions were reached.

Overspending has continued
As recently as last week another 1.9M was cited as being mismanaged by HUD

A requested forensic audit never happened
Kristi Ah You requested in January that a forensic audit firm be brought in to report directly to council.  That was met with heavy resistance by the Mayor and punted to the Finance Committee (where nothing happened)

The interim Manager who was in charge during much of the overspending was not fired but hired
This week Joe Lopez was hired at $217,592 annually, even though staff sources contacted by the Modesto Bee noted “he wasn’t ready and Modesto needed a more experienced manager.” And “Lopez can take issues personally, hold a grudge and have a hard time making a decision.

An auditor position was added to the budget and one was hired
A city report identifies the new auditor as Monica Houston for $148,000 a year and receive other benefits, including a $6,000 annual car allowance. The current budget has set aside more than $360,000 for an in-house auditor, an assistant for the auditor, and $100,000 for outside help.   We have no indication that she is going to forensically audit the past citywide fiscal dysfunction

Let’s just move forward
With the position of the Mayor and some council members being “we are moving forward…” the truth about the ransacking of the City’s finances may never be know.


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