What a tangled web we weave…


March 10, 2017 –

In the Kaufmann murder case, it can’t get any crazier, It can’t get any more inept, and it can’t fall further down Lady Justices’ blindfold – WAIT I take that back, it CAN and it HAS.  Reading the Modesto Bee article today (http://www.modbee.com/news/local/crime/article137058603.html ) I nearly dropped my coffee.

I have been following this case and have posted on my website comments on this mishandled, railroading of citizens without due process and with malice (withholding of exculpatory evidence among other serious issues) – refer to my previous column (http://www.backstorynews.com/justice-weeps-the-death-of-americas-long-history-of-a-fair-shake/ )

In a bombshell against this mishandled and biased prosecution, the following bizarre bullets were disclosed today:

Conflicting witnesses Hampton and Woody were kept in the same cell

  • Investigator Jacobson was informed by Hampton in November 2016 of same-cell situation where a stabbing had already occurred against himself. “Hampton in November sent Jacobson a letter, detailing threats of violence and a stabbing that injured Hampton. The investigator testified that he was busy completing tasks in the Kauffman case, so he didn’t travel to Tuolumne County to question Hampton about his letter until Feb. 14.”
  • Investigator Jacobson waited four months to even reply and interview Hampton, at which time he was informed by Woody that Hampton confessed to killing Kauffman.
  • He was informed that the Kaufman murder had taken place in front of the two convenience store owners

Jailhouse confessions and implications are to be taken with a grain of salt, however this is not the point in question.

The point is how long the Judge is supposed to tolerate a tainted, biased, intentionally mishandled lackadaisical case. Not to mention the disrespectful treatment of the Court.

Note that in both 2014 and 2016 I personally called for the recall of District Attorney Fladager due to gross misconduct, ineptitude and personally-motivated prosecutions.

It is time to drain the District Attorney’s tainted lagoon.   I am sure that once removed – some justice and fresh air may again flow through the Stanislaus Justice system.

Calling for a recall merely brings attention to the seriousness of the problems with the District Attorney’s Office. Fladager is elected to office, protected by the newspaper, is funded by the Board of Supervisors who fear the Dist. Atty. as do ordinary citizens and in some cases, judges.

Local leaders who need to control the office of the district attorney and contributed large amounts of money to make sure she was elected now realize Fladager is unelectable.

Politically, she would be asked to leave, to resign or retire, in order to appoint an interim district attorney, who would then run as an incumbent.

You can’t fix stupid.

March 9 Modesto Bee photo of Sheriff Adam Christianson and Gov. Jerry Brown, dedicating a $10 million jail stands in contrast to the $7 million spent on the investigation and preliminary hearing of a missing person by the name of Korey Kaufman.

Was Korey Kaufman killed? How did he die? Perhaps we will never know.

And how very sad, because someone DOES know … and WE would know had the justice system been allowed to operate in a fair and competent manner.