We Shouldn’t Elect County Sheriffs


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At least two good reasons we shouldn’t elect county sheriffs

Joe Mathews writes the Connecting California column for Zócalo Public Square.

The county sheriff is the problem child among California elected officials. No office is less accountable, or more reliable in producing scandal.

Once elected, sheriffs in all 58 counties have power over jails and policing, and act pretty much as they please. Under our state’s structure, a sheriff in California can’t really be fired. Those most liable to complain about a sheriff – inmates and those accused of crimes – have trouble gaining the public’s ear, let alone sympathy. And in the Trump era, some sheriffs, especially in conservative precincts, have flirted with defying state laws that protect immigrant families.



And they call this democracy…the song remains the same
By Mayor Carmen Sabatino

Here is the history of Stanislaus Co. Sheriffs

•          Retiring Sheriff Dan Kelsey endorsed Lynn Wood for Sheriff and he wins.

•          Lynn Wood retired early and appointed Fred Woods interim Sheriff. Fred Woods then ran as incumbent Sheriff and won.

•          Fred Woods retired early and appointed Jim Trevena interim Sheriff. Jim Trevena then ran as incumbent Sheriff and won.

•          Jim Trevena retired and endorsed Les Weidman who ran for Sheriff and Weidman won.

•          Les Weidman retired and endorsed Adam Christianson and he won.

•          Adam Christianson retires endorses Jeff Dirkse and he wins.