Court resumed this morning with Judge Zuniga announcing that Defense Attorney Jesse Garcia had broken two bones in his ankle and would require surgery. After some discussion, Defense Attorney Timothy Rien agrees to temporarily represent Georgia De Filippo for motions and other non-testimony purposes, only until Jesse Garcia can return. It appears that he will be able to return by the next scheduled court date of April 4th. I am sure he will be hurting, but I expect he will tough this out just like he did with his recent shoulder surgery. All the defendants agreed to temporarily wave their right to a nonstop preliminary trial to make this work. The affected defendants also agreed to this solution as far as conflict of interest issues are concerned.

It is noted that the “Back Row” was given mean looks by Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra several times during this short morning session. I think she might be reading the blogs. I did hear that she was very helpful and concerned when Jesse Garcia had his fall. This is very much appreciated, and I commend her for her willingness to help.

Judge Zuniga announces that the motion to quash hearing will be heard on April 8th at 9:30 AM. This is where a Deputy Attorney General will try to quash a motion by Jesse Garcia to obtain confidential files on Patrick Hampton from the Department of Corrections. Judge Zuniga opens a sealed envelope that had been sent to her.  It appears that this information can’t be provided for use in any other legal case. This situation will require further attention when court resumes.

It is brought up that more testimony from Detective Frank Navarro will be the next testimony scheduled. Detective Jon Evers will be the one testifying after that, followed by an Officer Dodge. There was also talk of putting DA Investigator Kirk Bunch back on the stand. I think the testimony of Detective Jon Evers could be the most interesting. The defense attorneys have lots of information concerning his domestic violence issues. He has a reputation for having a bad temper, and the defense attorneys will most likely hit a nerve with some of the questions. It would take wild horses to keep me from watching his testimony.

As I mentioned earlier, court will resume April 4th at 10:00 AM. We will be there to keep you informed on what the Modesto Bee has essentially failed to cover. For the Modesto Bee, and the Stanislaus County DA’s Office, it seems that ignorance is bliss. THE TRUTH WILL SET THEM FREE.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)