Trickle down evil, the financial slaughter of the innocents by the Chamber

Allow me to begin by stating that I am an open public figure, born of a personality and demeanor that is incapable of ever “going into that dark night”. Having been duly elected and baptized in fire into the shameful waters of the 10th street place sausage factory, my resolve was tested to my core as I was placed in the crosshairs of the powers that be.

I do not claim to be an angel, nor will I accept that badge of devil.   My decades long battle across the fronts of unaccountable power brokers, powerful unelected bureaucrats (and some elected officials deep in the pockets of shadowy figures), is one I stand by and is a member of public record and that of the failed Modesto 4th estate.

My point is that I have big shoulders, I have chosen my fights, have solely taken this rage against the machine.  Me, I, Mayor Carmen Sabatino, bear the full responsibility and repercussions of my stand as “the man in the ring”. Recent cowardly attacks by frustrated and bitter members of the Chamber of Commerce against my staff and vendors is my signal to draw the line and force accountability.

The advice by the members of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce not to solicit my restaurant, is pure trickle-down-evil.  Pure cowardice, pure scorched earth against me at the expense of my 29 employees, 18 vendors and their families and livelihood.    Single mothers, struggling businesses, and basically human beings who work so hard just to survive in this economic climate.  I am your target, choosing to destroy the lives of our Restaurant’s families shows how deep in the pond slime some people will go.

Taken to its logical conclusion, the result the Chamber of “Commerce “is wishing for, would be require providing pink slips and destroy the lives of loyal staff and local businesses that serve me.

Those without sin throw the first stone…. Be prepared.    I signed up for this fight, not my dedicated and hardworking staff.   Cooks, waitresses, and many other do not deserve by any measure of decency this request to destroy their jobs and lifeline.    I will be working very hard over the next few weeks to list the names and all public record “sins” of those who sought to ruin the lives of my innocent staff.

Cowardice is sickening.   Beat me up, I have chosen the fight – attack my staff and you have a whole new level of Dante’s inferno to deal with.