“Transforming leaders, to transform culture”, Pinnacle Forum

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Mark Vasche

Former Editor of the Modesto Bee

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Jeff Pishney

Love Modesto Founder

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Good acts can be used to achieve bad results depending upon motives of the actors.  Elected leaders should reveal that they have been training with Pinnacle Forum.

Can’t we have volunteers to recruit volunteers?

I posed a yes or no question to City Attorney Adam Lindgren as to whether the Love Modesto April 23 signs were allowed in the city code.

He replied that he wanted two pictures of the signs as if they didn’t exist. Mr. Lindgren has not bothered to answer the question but instead has let the newspaper deal with the question.

A Modesto Bee columnist decided to answer for him, while admitting he is not a lawyer. As a reporter the columnist could’ve asked the city attorney to answer the question, instead he went into a rambling vicious attack on anyone who wanted information about Love Modesto.

There is the Bee story, here is the Back Story.

Love Modesto is a business that recruits volunteers to fill the gap left by the lack of money caused by government misspending.

Volunteerism is an admirable activity as is anonymous philanthropy. An alternate solution would to have volunteers recruit volunteers.

This is not the case with Love Modesto. We should acknowledge their good works but we should also know that they are a Christian-based organization that invites government leaders into their midst as members of a confidential “cell”.

They call it, “Transforming leaders, to transform culture”

Jeff Pishney, executive director, solicits event sponsors for $5000 each and project sponsors at $1000 for gold, $750 for silver, or $500 for bronze.

Love Modesto is partnered with Pinnacle Forum.

“None of what we’ve accomplished would have been possible without the help of marketplace leaders, specifically Pinnacle Forum Partners.” Jeff  Pishney, Founder/Director of “Love Modesto”

Former Modesto Bee editor who retired after the SCAP and Neighborhood Stabilization Program scandal has been a leader in the pinnacle forum and should be acknowledged.

The Back Story invites the editors of the Bee, kriddick@modbee.com, jkieta@modbee.com, mdunbar@modbee.com, jjardine@modbee.com,.

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