May 24, 2016

I finally came down with the terrible cough that has hounded Judge Zuniga for the last couple of weeks. I must admit that this little lady is stronger than I am.

I started coming down with the crud last Friday. My wife and I both have it at the same time. Today, we went to an Urgent Care Center. I have the early stages of pneumonia, with a sinus infection, and have been ordered to bed for a couple of days. I am feeling better already after starting antibiotics, a steroid shot, cough syrup, and prednisone.

I plan to be back in the courtroom on Thursday, and will paint another picture of what is happening for you. From what I have read, the prosecution is still trying to turn innocent phone calls into incriminating evidence. Their theory does not make any sense, and the phone calls seem to contradict what has been brought out in testimony. They are desperate, and clutching at anything that might help their failing case. Judge Zuniga is a smart little lady, with a lot of experience. I hope she sees through the smoke and mirrors that is being presented by the prosecution. In the end, the truth will set them free.


Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)