If the hearing really starts on Wednesday, unfortunately I will not be able to be there as we are in a two week jury trial in San Jose.   Hopefully someone can attend and report what is actually happening in court as the Bee seems to miss most of the action.

I will try to write based on information given to me from some impartial gallery personnel.  Since Deputy District Melissa Ferreira used my name in open court asking Judge Zuniga to impose a gag order on me feeling my musings might taint any possible jury.

If the truth is being reported I think anyone with an ounce of common sense would want the truth reported rather than a highly distilled brief skimmed account of the proceedings in which the facts are omitted.

Hopefully a gallery member  can call me during the lunch hour with information enough for me to start my comments even while in San Jose.  02-02-16  FREE THE FRANK CARSON EIGHT!!!

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