This Afternoons Attempt To Get Clarification On Where Your Money Is Going.


2:03 PM Modesto City Manager’s Office 577-5224 to ask if there is any procedure to repeal The Downtown Modesto Community Benefit District 2015 Management District Plan.

Gave me number to: Community Economic Division

2:06 PM Called Community Economic Division. Spoke with Amber @ 571-5566. She said Josh Bridegroom (listed on the Tuesday September 01, 2015 City Council Meeting Agenda as the contact) no longer works in this dept.

Gave me number to: Modesto Downtown Improvement District

2:18 PM Called the Modesto Downtown Improvement District @ 529-9303.

Spoke with unknown female. She directed name to Downtown Partnership and informed me that is the “legal name” but that they don’t have a phone number yet. She said to try Josh Bridegroom’s cell.

Gave me number to: Josh Bridegroom @ Downtown Partnership

2.32 PM Called Bridegroom @ (209)202-5525.. His phone was not excepting calls at the moment.

2:45 PM Called Lori Smith to ask if the money for the downtown benefit district has been collected. She was unavailable but I spoke with a woman at the front desk who explained that the City and County has advanced Downtown Partnership startup money. She was not sure if any of the fees had been collected and applied.

The first years expected revenue is $700,000 and the Downtown Partnership does not have a phone number!!

More information next week.