Think your smart phone and computer activities are Private? Think again.


Spoke with a local prominent attorney in Modesto today and I was informed that an out of town Judge on the local Korey Kaufman case has issued a search warrant concerning the internet browsing and other activities of both a defendant and possible witnesses.

No matter who you are, District Attorney Birgit Fladager is demanding that Google surrender your entire file to her office.  She can also sell the information.

Good Lord, be afraid, be cautious.  Don’t believe for one second that all your Google mapping apps, discussions with Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft), Google Voice and Amazon Echo as well as every place you have visited on the internet is not for sale and available to law enforcement on demand.    Most of you reading this should be sick to your stomach and outraged.

Your internet history and browsing habits are for sale, and available to the government.  The House voted back on March 27th (see more HERE) to keep it that way, rolling back rules that would have barred internet service providers from selling your data without consent.  The Senate followed suit and off to the White House it went for signature – see link HERE.

The measure bars the Federal Communications Commission from enforcing rules it passed last year, during President Barack Obama’s administration, that would have required broadband providers to get your explicit consent before they could sell your personal data.

For a starter tutorial on how to delete at least some of your digital activities over the years, a good starter article is HERE.

We can only imagine the District Attorney with her staff of unaccountable secret police combing their enemies list and invoking their newfound ability to discovery and root through private lives, discussions and activities at will.

We have long since lost the ability to conduct our daily business without websites, forced cloud banking applications and multitudes of other forced digital interactions as the brink-and-mortar world collapse around us.

A frightening example of how this is already playing out is in Edina, a city of 50,000 in Minnesota, where Police got a warrant for the entire City’s Google searches.  The warrant requests the exact time and date of searches, but the police are after any, and all data Google might have on anyone who completed this search.

This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, social security numbers, email addresses, payment information, account details, IP addresses, and MAC addresses.

Facebook user?  You’re in an even worse position – NY State court rules police can seize your Facebook activity.   Yes, as these new found police snooping powers spread rapidly across the country – law enforcement officials can rifle through your private Facebook account without your knowledge — and there’s nothing the social media giant can do about it.

Orwell’s 1984 didn’t see this new world.

No, this brave new world and our corrupt District Attorney Birgit Fladager will certainly use her newfound ability to root out and punish those who speak the wrong words, go to the wrong places or talk to people who threaten political power.

DA Investigator Kirk Bunch, who is paid $175,000, obtained the search warrant and is now shopping the jails to find witnesses who want to make a deal and tell stories he writes for them in court.

Stanislaus County is ground zero for the death of liberty, privacy and the pursuit of happiness.

When will enough be enough?  The Back Story will not be afraid, ever.

Perhaps this group is on to something –

The Digital rights Group Fight for the Future, known for organizing massive protests for SOPA and for net neutrality, has announced they will unleash billboards with the names of every member of Congress who votes to gut the FCC’s Internet privacy rules that prevent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Comcast and Verizon from selling their customer’s personal information to advertisers without their consent.

I think maybe we take advantage of these new-found laws and legally purchase the digital habits and activities of our local DA and her staff of investigators –  I can think of one that might be very mortified at his act ivies being published on the Back Story.