The Sheriff endorsement: Rolling the dice early in campaigns

Jeff Adams Stanislaus County


The real issue with endorsements is how they can effect a campaign in a negative and distracting manner.   How many times have we seen candidates rush to disavow an endorsement from a supporter?  When the endorser becomes toxic, it leaves the endorsement an anchor on the campaign instead of momentum.   Case in point – the Adam Christianson endorsement of Jeff Dirkse in the Sheriffs race.

For nearly three of his terms, Sheriff Christianson seemed to be made of Teflon, circled by millions dollars on lawsuits covering everything from discrimination, to harassment to wrongful death.    This list goes on… until Mercedes Wallace.

The 17 minute video by Mercedes, the wife of slain Deputy Wallace broke the logjam of doubt and removed the Teflon from Adam Christianson.   Suddenly, the man in the high castle is exposed –the blinders are off and Sheriff Christianson an open book of fraud and abuse.  He is toxic and he knows it.   So does Jeff Dirkse.

The early endorsement by Christianson of Jeff Dirkse was a sign that and heir-apparent was chosen – “don’t bother running as Jeff was Adam’s guy.”   Dirkse, saw balhis path to victory as once paved by endorsements and decorated with endless military references – topped by a vague term “Leadership”.

Jeff, you are going to have to show us how a leader deals with an endorsement from a sheriff with as much baggage as Adam.   You are going to have to do more than just say “I’m not Adam Christianson”   Show us how your leadership works, really we want to see it.

You need to face the fact that Christianson’s endorsement is not one that you want to be attached to.  Publically disavow and reject the endorsement – that will show the voters the courage you so often speak of…