3/17/16 – A commentary by Carmen Sabatino

There is great concern about the outsourcing of American jobs to China, Mexico, and other parts of the world.

Attention is being drawn to the formation of nonprofits and special interest groups who are able to influence government and feed at the public trough.

Neighborhoods on Steroids

Modesto Neighborhoods Incorporated met with the Modesto City Council Monday night to sell the idea of obtaining $900,000 for improving services and providing security to selected Modesto neighborhoods.

Former City Councilman and candidate for Mayor Brad Hawn is the president of Modesto Neighborhoods Inc. which was formed on September 3, 2011 by Michael Moradian, who also formed the La Loma Neighborhood Association.

La Loma is in the path of homeless migrations, and is populated by people who can afford to buy private security from the much feared homeless population.

The organization of the neighborhood was to be used to elect Michael Moradian to the Modesto City Council. He had tax problems, and it was determined Joe Muratore had a better chance of being elected and he was.

The economic benefit of organizing the city into neighborhoods so that people could be sold private security, pest control, et al

The political benefit was to help elect pests to the city Council who would give some nonprofits and special interest groups access to taxpayer money.

The neighborhood associations reached a high point of arrogance Monday night by requesting $900,000 of taxpayer money so they could spend it as they please.image003

(From the Modesto Bee: March 15, 2016)

“It’s the answer for the city with budget issues Hahn, said if we didn’t have the budget issues we would not be talking about this. The city would be providing these services but its money and I understand you need to look at it and make sure the money is well spent.”

Modesto committee to wait on decision to give nonprofit $900,000

City Council panel likes proposal but wants more info on city’s finances

Volunteer-run nonprofit would hire staff to increase its efforts in neighborhoods

Some ask whether the money could be spent on better proposals such as helping homeless.

The city is considering providing $900,000 to Modesto Neighborhoods Inc. so the nonprofit can hire staff and work with residents to improve their neighborhoods. A City Council committee likes the idea but decided to wait on endorsing the proposal until the city has a better idea about its finances. (Kevin Valine

Top Modesto officials Monday said they want to wait until they have a better idea about the city’s finances before deciding whether to endorse a proposal to give $900,000 to a nonprofit that would use the money to teach neighborhoods how to organize, become stronger and solve their problems.

The proposal calls for the city to provide Modesto Neighborhoods Inc. with $900,000 over four years. The nonprofit is run by volunteers, and the money would let it hire staff and pay for other expenses, so it could increase its efforts. It would have to meet specific targets each year, such as increasing the number of Neighborhood Watch groups and beautification projects, and provide training and other support to neighborhood leaders.