07/07/2016 –   Today marked a milestone in this never ending preliminary hearing. We have done 100 days in court since this travesty of justice began. There really is no end in sight.

Despite being told by Marlissa Fereirra that this thing was going to be done by May 20th, we keep chugging down the tracks.

DA Investigator Kirk Bunch, in a video interview, was heard saying that this case is a train that can’t be stopped. Right now, I believe they do not want to stop this train.

They know that there is no good outcome for the prosecution. Prolonging the agony is the only thing that they can do to punish the innocent, and to put off the public ridicule that is going to result from yet another humiliating defeat at the hands of Frank Carson.

Frank is not being allowed to defend himself in this trial, but his direction is being given daily to his attorney Percy Martinez. You can see the strain on the faces of Marlissa Fereirra and Kirk Bunch. It is like watching a prisoner on the final countdown on death row. Please Mr. Custer, I don’t want to go.

Court starts out at 10:12 with defense attorney Martha Carlton Magana talking about new case law that may apply to the upcoming decision on striking the testimony of Beverly Woody. She cites two cases that were just published in The Daily Journal. People vs Smith, and People vs Mitchell. Both decisions happened on 06/29/2016.

Martha Carlton Magana starts her continuing cross examination of Jim Cook at 10:18 by asking Mr. Cook about the 128 hours he billed for where he and Marlissa and Kirk Bunch discussed his upcoming testimony. It is estimated that he is into the County for more than $250k at this point.

Martha then goes into 3 phone numbers that called the cell phone associated with Korey Kauffman between 03/31/2012 and 04/16/2012.

Sprite 34All of these 3 phone numbers called when the device was turned on, and made connections to the device. It is brought out that there are actually 4 numbers that fall into this category.

When asked if he knows the identity of the person associated with the 4th phone number, Jim Cook testified that he does not know.

Later on in testimony, the names associated with all 4 numbers are disclosed by Marlissa Fereirra. I am sure Mr. Cook was not telling the truth once again by testifying that he did not know who the 4th phone number was associated with.

It is revealed that these 4 phone numbers were the only phone numbers that called Korey Kauffman’s cell phone while it was turned on between 03/31/2012 and 04/16/2012.

All the other calls that were made during this time period were made while Korey’s phone was turned off, and they did not connect.

The 4th phone number pinged off a Modesto cell phone tower. The other 3 numbers all pinged off of a Turlock cell phone tower associated with the area that the Michael Cooley residence is located within.

Jim Cook was asked many questions about these 4 phone numbers, and made many “I don’t recall” answers to Martha during this line of questioning.

Marlissa Fereirra made many objections, and was overruled on every one during the morning session. She seemed to get increasingly subdued as the morning went on, and was told a couple of times that she could not respond to Judge Zuniga’s rulings.

Sprite 35Cook was asked about Dawn Poma, and said he did not recognize this name. Same thing for Lori Freitas. He said he did not recall being told about Kevin Pickett.

He did not recall being told about Kevin McGrath, or Teresa Richardson (Korey Kauffman’s mother)

Cook denied reading the arrest affidavit. Cook denied knowing anything about a person named Shadow Pickett.

He could not recall being told anything about Kelby Kauffman (Korey’s sister.) You can watch this man and have a pretty good idea when he is not telling the truth. He would not be a good poker player.

It is revealed that the court does not have the Ramey Warrant, which contains many lies, and is the basis for this whole mess.

Marlissa reveals it is being held in an evidence locker at the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department along with all the search warrants. Judge Zuniga instructs Marlissa to bring them in to her as soon as possible.

After a break, Martha Carlton Magana announces that she and Marlissa have agreed to a stipulation about a long list of phone numbers, and Marlissa goes over the phone numbers and the people who are associated with the phone numbers.

I will not print the actual phone numbers for privacy issues, but I will tell you who the people were who were associated with them. The first phone number discussed was associated with Lori Freitas, who is the sister of Dawn Poma. Dawn Poma is the partner of Kevin Pickett.

The next number was associated with Kevin Pickett.

The third phone number discussed was associated with Christina VanDyke who is Sandra Pickett’s mother.

The next phone number was associated with Eula Keyes.

The next phone number was associated with Kevin Pickett.

The next phone number was associated with Shadow Pickett and used by Sandra Pickett (Shadow’s wife.)
The next phone number was associated with Kelbi Kauffman (Korey’s Cousin.)

It is my belief that the people who were actually involved with the disappearance of Korey Kauffman were probably the ones who communicated with his phone while it was turned on between 03/31/2012 and 04/16/2012.

It was like the phone was being used as a signal at times, because certain people would call the phone immediately after certain other people would call the phone. This happened multiple times, and I am sure we have not heard the last of this issue.

That ends the morning testimony.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)