The More Things Change

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July 13th 2017 – I publish this public document for your review, as a majority of the declaration involves John Goulart’s improper conduct in a 2006 case against me, as John Goulart was at the time working for the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s office.

As Mayor of Modesto, a few months before the election I was charged with 12 felonies, two of which were dropped.  I was then offered a deal that for a fine of $4000, and admit to any charge that would prevent me from running again, and a letter never to sue Stanislaus County.

I refused the deal, despite the threat of a two-year prison sentence. I chose to go to trial, where I prevailed and have since run for elected office several times.   Even today, District Attorney Brigit Fladager claims that “she let me go…”  With a long record of re-trying baseless cases, and an unlimited budget – she most certainly could have retried me.

While I have long since turned the page on that vindictive prosecution of myself and the damage it did to my life, my family and business. However, it is refreshing to see a reminder in a legal document that the entire case was based on “trumped and false charges”, that ended in humiliating mistrial for the District Attorney and a complete dismissal of all charges as baseless.

To avoid being redundant, the actual documents are below your reading pleasure.