Daniel 5: 24 Then was the part of the hand sent from him;

and this writing was written.

25 And this is the writing that was written,

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.

26 This is the interpretation of the thing:

 Mene; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.

27 Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.

28 Peres; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.

30 In that night was Belshazzar the king of the Chaldeans slain.


I start this commentary quoting the Bible because I see a parallel between Belshazzar’s kingdom and the case being persecuted by the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office in the matter of Frank Carson, et al. I feel that the handwriting is on the wall.

The days of the kingdom or should I say queendom of the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office are numbered and it is finished. Their practices have been weighed in the balances and are found wanting. Their kingdom is divided and will be given over not to the Medes and Persians but to justice. No one will be slain over this, but careers, sullied reputations, possible incarcerations and massive civil lawsuits will be the talk of the County.

Scholars say that history repeats itself. It is my firm belief that the clock is finally going all the way around. Based on the prosecution’s case filled with current and pending felons as their star witnesses, their main golden boy “Robert Woody “, who would not know the truth if it slapped him in the chops, glorified cell phone salesman Cook as an expert witness, lies by investigators which are perjury but are now called mistakes or incorrect, deals and special considerations given to lowlife dregs of society who give favorable testimony, and on and on and on.

The above is the preface to my commentary which follows. Due to my caseload and trying to help others that may have been unjustly charged or overcharged, I have not been able to attend this preliminary hearing as often as I would like to. I am going to present an insight and also cut and paste excerpts from some of my past commentaries for those who may not have been following them and references from articles by Tom Jensen and Marty Carlson who have been there and faithfully presented the proceedings daily in court.

I was able to attend the second half of the morning session on Thursday, December 1, 2016. I managed to do that to make sure that certain people in the courtroom could see that I was still alive and kicking. I will let you guess who I am referring to and if you can’t figure it out, you have not been reading my commentaries. I will leave it at that.

I was sitting in the back row along with Eduardo Quintanar, Jr. and Tom Jensen a, fellow commentator. During the proceedings as I recall, which is a favorite phrase of the Dist. Atty. witnesses and investigators, there had been an exchange between the defense and prosecution and an objection was made by the defense. Judge Zuniga then asked Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira, simply referred to here on as, whoops, I was going to say MF but I will change that to Ferreira, to explain why the objection should not be sustained.

At this point everyone on the left side of the courtroom including the gallery was quiet enough that you could hear a pin drop. Just as she started her rant, she stopped suddenly looking aghast. As she hesitated, Judge Zuniga asked her was wrong? Ferreira replied that she had been distracted in her thoughts by the noise on the left side of the court. Folks, I’m here to say that there was not a sound or noise coming from anywhere on the left side of the courtroom.

I fear that she has been beaten so soundly about the head and shoulders, metaphorically of course, by the defense attorneys that the little devil gremlins inside of her head are becoming agitated and making noise. Everyone on the left side of the courtroom had an astonished look on their face that she would say that. It reminded me of the old saying “You see the wheel turning but the hamster is dead”. People who are more crude than I am have been known to call that a”brain fart”. You know, the lights are on but nobody’s home. The elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. Several fries short of a Happy Meal. Just saying…

My first reference is to Tom Jensen commentary of December 1, 2016. He indicated that there is hopeful news in the case of Walter Wells. Ferreira has rested her case against Walter. Walters’s attorney Tim Rein has requested that he and his client Walter be allowed to refrain from coming to court until December 12, 2016. On that day Mr. Rein is going to present a motion to Judge Zuniga at 4 PM. There is speculation and hope that he will be presenting a motion for dismissal of charges against Walter. It is further hoped that if that is the case, that judge Zuniga will dismiss the charges setting Walter free.

There has been absolutely zero evidence showing that Walter had any involvement whatsoever in the alleged homicide of Korey Kaufman. There has been no direct evidence that any of the Carson 8 defendants had any involvement in the demise of Korey Kaufman. It is everyone’s opinion that the true killer of Korey Kaufman is still walking the streets and in fact is one of the prosecution’s lowlife star witnesses. If you have been following the commentaries of Tom, Marty and myself, it would be easy to figure out who had motivation, ability and desire to see Korey Kaufman gone.

When I was in court in the morning session I noticed that Cap’n Crunch bunch was not in court. I was told that he was sick. As things are becoming shakier in shakier in the Dist. Atty.’s case, it could be that Cap’n Crunch Bunch may be seeing the handwriting on the wall and if that was happening to me, I would be sick too. (Oh no! My career, my job, my gun and my freedom could all be gone! I would say reputation but we all know what his is already. What shall I do! What shall I do!) Corey Brown was filling in and sitting next to Ferreira. Jon (Don’t mention domestic violence around me) Evers was also in court. His association with this case has cost the taxpayers of the city Modesto tens upon tens of thousands of dollars spent on a case that the city Modesto has nothing to do with.

If I am wrong in that belief I would welcome some enlightenment about whether or not that is true. Please feel free to contact me. We have not been notified that Evers is on loan from the city of Modesto Police Department to the County for being on the task force and that the county will be reimbursing the city for his wages. Just saying…

I didn’t realize what I’d been missing but when I returned to the court room I realized that I had been missing the eloquent voice of Ferreira who changes her octaves three or four times per sentence. It certainly keeps you on your toes.

On Thursday Tom wrote: “Marlisa: “What they are offering you is rank speculation, a fishing expedition.” She states that it is cumulative. Marlisa states that Robert Woody was able to recall events when asked to refresh his memory by reading the transcripts.”

What the heck are you talking about Ferreira? You claim the defense is offering rank speculation and a fishing expedition. Have you forgotten that the majority of all of your witnesses particularly those of the dirtbags variety are all TESTILYING and speculating? You are the one who is trolling the fishing expedition with those dregs of society. You need to fish or cut bait Ferreira.

Then you say “Robert Woody was able to recall events when asked to refresh his memory by reading the transcripts.” I am afraid to mention where you might have had your head when the record shows: “Defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson states that during the majority of his cross examination of Robert Woody, Woody did not remember numerous statements even when he was asked to read the transcripts. It did not refresh his memory”. So much for the credibility of that rant Ferreira. You need to go in the back room and take a stiff shot of reality. Although reality may not show up often in your office. Judge Zuniga states that she will allow Martin Baker to testify to that area. So much for that rant Ferreira. Just saying…

Martin Baker took the stand and after being sworn in and giving his name, Robert Fortner asked a question of him. Forkner: “Did you talk to the DA before the interview?” Mr. Baker leaned back in the chair and remained silent for at least 60 to 90 seconds. At times he would look up as if thinking and then just look straight ahead. The silence was deafening. That is how Mr. Baker answered each of the questions for the 15 minutes he was on the stand in the morning. I really have no problem with his procrastination in answering. Mr. Baker is a licensed attorney and has many things to consider while forming an answer. He is in a delicate position. The morning session was adjourned.

During the morning session, a couple of us in the audience witnessed Detective Corey Brown making head movements to signal “No” when they wanted Martin Baker to answer “No.” I had an idea that possibly that was just a bobble head of Corey Brown sitting next to Ferreira. Every time she did not want Mr. Baker to answer question, she could just elbow the bobble head and it would go bobbling around. Just saying…

From the November 30, 2016 court session Marty attended:  Defense attorneys stated the PowerPoint presentation had been modified as we go along, months after Jim Cook’s testimony is a serious issue. Mme. DA did give a revised version of the PowerPoint presentation, and Jim Cook did state a wrong set of facts of the original presentation. Anything that Jim Cook may have done wrong goes to credibility. (Or lack thereof) Jim Cook was asked about Walter Wells and all other players in this case. Jim Cook did admit to an error after checking his computer in the courtroom during his testimony.

So here we have this alleged “expert witness” who is really just an expert in selling cell phones. Wrong set of facts, did admit to an error and poor credibility whose mistakes and errors could have caused one or more people to be put away for life. All of this jackasses’ testimony should be stricken from the record. If the defense attorney made the motion to strike Cook’s TESTILYING, Ferreira would have a conniption fit and rant and rave until Christmas. Of course that would play into the Dist. Atty.’s desire to have this preliminary hearing last as long as possible.

There was never a call made to Ryan Schmidt, that in itself gives rise to questions as to the validity of the work produced by the witness. (There is no valid work product here)The new evidence the DA is trying to enter in does not have the call to Ryan Schmidt that he testified to. So, it gives question as to what else she has changed to bolster his testimony. (She changes anything necessary to try to make her case) Just saying…

Well I think it’s time to go back in time to a commentary I wrote on March 22, 2016. I will paste in a section of what I wrote on that date: “I have been watching with disdain the machinations being perpetrated by Ferreira in this hearing. (For information Webster’s defines machination as “a scheming or crafty action or artful design intended to accomplish some usually evil end”). Oh Cinderella does that shoe fit? That is very apt description of Ferreira’s conduct. Her bullying and condescending attitude toward not just the defense but sometimes toward the judge has resulted in her being put in her place numerous times by Judge Zuniga. Slap, slap, slap!

One of the most recent examples of her pompous, arrogant, disdainful, haughty, condescending and snobbish attitude came to light when defense attorney Robert Forkner noting that both the judge and Ferreira were reading from a transcript, requested that the court provide a copy of the transcript for his client Georgia DeFilippo to aid in the defense.

Even before the judge could say anything Ferreira immediately blurted out “if she can afford $365,000 to get out of jail, she can certainly afford to pay for her own transcripts”. Only an ignoramus (Webster defines ignoramus as “ an utterly ignorant person :  dunce) would make such a cold and heartless statement. Does whale crap on the ocean floor sound appropriate here? That requires a yes or no answer. My answer contains three letters. For the star prosecution witnesses who are felons, or soon-to-be felons, ask someone to explain that to you.

Now we have to remember that Ms. Ferreira has been slopping out of the Stanislaus County “Public Trough” for several years. Through “Transparent California”, click here, we see that in 2014 Ms. Ferreira’s salary was $162,273.55. The salary mentioned included any overtime or other benefits also. UPDATE,UPDATE: Ferreira’s salary with benefits for 2015 was : Drum roll please: $181,886.88. That’s almost $20,000 bump up. UPDATE,UPDATE: the hearing has been going on for 14 months and I am sure that Ferreira will top out in the 200 K range for this particular persecution.

UPDATE,UPDATE: The salary Special Agent Bunch had for that year was$172,985.14. His salary for 2015 was, are you ready for this: $190,104.04. Like Ferreira’s almost the $20,000 bump up.
Modesto police officer Jon Evers salary in 2014 was $171,377.76. His salary in 2015 was $179,686.00. Old Jon (don’t mention domestic violence to me) Evers was left in the dust by Cap’n Crunch Kirk Bunch and Ferreira.

So when you add up the money wasted on just a few salaries in this persecution, those being Ferreira’s, Jacobson, Bunches, Navarro’s, Evers and a few other actors, you have well over three quarters a million dollars on those salaries alone for just one year. And then you have to add the cost of the “custom fitted” tinfoil hats that all five will need to try to have “Scotty” beam them up out of here when the civil lawsuits begin to hit.

Ferreira should be grossly ashamed of the callous and disrespectful attitude she has displayed during this preliminary hearing. This asinine statement she made ranks right there along with the conduct of the jackbooted Nazi thugs that violated Frank Carson’s Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights when they burst into his office harassing, intimidating and threatening him and then refusing to leave until he called the police. Aryan brotherhood wearing brown shirts ring a bell here? Just saying…

This next item is taken from the November 28, 2016 post by Marty: At this time a very interesting thing happened. The judge took Marlisa Ferreira and Kurt Bunch to task about the interview techniques of Steve Jacobson. She stated his way of interviews is not conducive to getting a witness or a suspect to tell a story. Steve Jacobson continually gave statements of his beliefs and theories, and Woody’s responses were a lot of grunts and groans and not actual answers nor giving of information. She stated that they need to talk to Steve Jacobson about his procedures.

So here we have an experienced, a highly experienced district attorney investigator who has to be schooled on how to use proper interview techniques. When a judge in court indicates that a chief investigator does not how to conduct interviews properly and in a court room besides, that’s pretty dad gum embarrassing. The other DA investigators are probably laughing and joking about his inabilities behind his back. I guess Jacobson won’t be teaching any classes on interview techniques to rookie investigators.

An average person might realize that Jacobson is trying to interview Robert Woody. Woody may be lucky if he can escape from the single digits on an IQ test and is and admitted drug user which also renders your brain in operable. And he’s been given talk of deals, no deals and maybe deals. They have this poor witless chump so confused and twisted in his addled mind, all he wants to do is tell them what they want to hear. And Jacobson is certainly doing that in his “interview”. Way to go “Juice”. I saw in a bulletin that the police academy is teaching basic interview techniques 101 this semester. If you hurry they can squeeze you in.

Excerpt from August 31, 2016: Mme. chief deputy district attorney Ferreira then retorted saying that the delays are the defense attorneys fault. Then with her voice cracking she said that she did not withhold anything for three years. She then stated that any arguments about how long the defendants have been in custody is NOT REVELANT. Would it be more relevant if Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira had her butt parked in a jail cell for a year. That crack about the defendants being in jail makes her lower than whale crap on the ocean floor. She has shown that she is one of the most vindictive, coldhearted and emotion lacking embarrassment to good women everywhere.

Her attitude toward defendants who are presumed innocent until found guilty by a judge or jury of their peers, conflicts with decency. But we know she is on a mission from a higher authority
to try to destroy the lives of the Carson 8. Her conduct in comparison, makes Lucretia Borgia look like a Sunday school teacher for little kids. I’m sure that people with a malignant heart have no trouble sleeping at night.


Excerpt from March 4, 2016
Regarding Baby Huey’s testilying: Jesse Garcia then began to question Evers. As Evers was answering Mr. Garcia’s questions, he would say one thing and when Mr. Garcia would bring Evers attention to the transcript, the transcript was different than what Evers had testilied to. Evers reply to that was “If I said that it was a mistake“. In answer to another discrepancy Evers made between his testimony and the transcript Evers said “I recall that but that was a mistake too”.

He said that a couple of times after his testimony was different than the transcript. As easy as Evers fluffs off mistakes, it’s really scary to try to imagine what other mistakes Evers made in this case and just fluffed off. Evers was again asked by Mr. Garcia whether or not Rollins had identified the DMV photo as being Korey Kauffman. Evers responds “My interpretation is that he does”. So Evers wouldn’t give Baljit Athwal an interpreter when he was interviewing him, but now Evers is doing his own interpretation regarding matters in this case.

Mr. Garcia then asked Evers if Rollins told him it was too long ago to remember the video. Evers answered “No”. Mr. Garcia then showed him the transcript and then Evers had to walk back his testimony and say well yes he did. Oh well, just another mistake or another misinterpretation. Take your pick but either way Evers is wrong.

After a break, Evers was seen sitting there by the prosecution desk with Bunch and Ms. Ferreira with the three of them huddling and all were smiling. Bunch and Evers no doubt thinking about that $170,000 or so that both made in 2014 as a result of their fine work in the Frank Carson case. They should be real proud of themselves as I’m sure the citizens of Modesto are. (NOT)

Once Evers resumes the stand, Mr. Forkner asked the Judge if he could just ask Evers a couple of questions. She agreed and Mr. Forkner asked Evers “while you’re over there talking with Bunch and Ms. Ferreira you were there talking about your prior testimony right?” Evers began to turn red in his face and said” No, I don’t think so”. (Oh well, what’s another lie? To quote another liar: “At this point, what difference does it make? “) The people in the gallery chuckled knowing that Mr. Forkner had taken the wind out of Evers sails. Evers demeanor changed from that moment on for the rest of the afternoon.

As we have found out during this preliminary hearing, if you are a dreg of society witness for the prosecution, certain law enforcement personnel or star civilian witness for the prosecution and you make a false statement under oath, it is deemed to be a “mistake“. If an ordinary citizen makes a false statement under oath, the District Attorney’s Office deems it to be perjury. If you look at the Dist. Atty.’s case here, it takes on the appearance of Swiss cheese. There are holes all over in it.

Excerpt from January 25, 2016: Deputy DA Ferreira then stated that she misspoke when she stated that Patrick Hampton was a “cellie” to one a murder suspect when actually Hampton was an elevator operator. I wonder if Hampton had a hard time remembering the route.

Excerpt from June 5, 2016: Now a little about the Ramey Warrant that the Dist. Atty. had to judge shop to find one who would sign it. Robert Forkner then asked Special Agent Bunch if one of the witnesses named Paden (Spelling ?) Called him and told him that the information on the Ramey warrant was incorrect and Special Agent Bunch answered yes. He was then asked if he had told Mr. Paden about the black BMW and Special Agent Bunch answered no. Special Agent Bunch was asked if Mr. Paden accused law enforcement of false information in the Ramey warrant and Special Agent Bunch said yes but Mr. Paden was mistaken. Hmmmn? ReallyReally? Special Agent Bunch. Of course, what does a citizen know? (Does trying to worm your way out of something sound familiar?)

Excerpt from October 10, 2016: There are also civilian witnesses including law enforcement who have testilied one way and then when the recordings of the interviews are played, their testimony in court was tailored to avoid the truthand make the defendants look bad. Again no sanctions against anybody in the District Attorney’s Office. When one of the lead Dist. Atty. investigators, Captian Crunch Bunch was caught in a lie on the witness stand, he was not admonished by the judge for committing perjury but rather allowed to say that it wasn’t really a lie but that “I was just incorrect“.

So there it is fellow citizens, if you lie in court under oath it is perjury a felony. However if you’re in law enforcement or any of their witnesses and you commit perjury on the stand, it’s not perjury, they were just “INCORRECT”. It sounds kind of familiar in today’s political theater where there is a candidate who would rather lie and deceive than to tell the truth. Hopefully that political liar would be able to share a jail cell with some of the liars currently in Department 26 at the Carson 8 preliminary hearing. WELL I CAN DREAM CAN’T I?????

Excerpt from September 10, 2016: Then we have Kirk Bunch. Bunch and his boys testify on the stand to events and interviews which are contradicted when the tapes and videos are played. Recently Bunch was caught in a direct liewhich he kissed off when he uses the term “I was INCORRECT“. So this means that if you are a citizen and lie under oath in a court of law, you are committing perjury, a felony. However, if you’re in law enforcement and you lie on the stand, the liar can say I was incorrect.

Excerpt from August 23, 2016: The fact that the information about the polygraph was not brought out immediately was now called by the Dist. Atty. a “huge inadvertent mishap“. That’s a term that is likened to the term that was used when Special Agent Bunch was caught lying on the stand. Then that was referred to as “incorrect” rather than what it should have been, perjury.
So now instead of a Brady violation the semantics coming out of the District Attorney’s Office now call a Brady violation a “huge inadvertent mishap“. Looking at it that way I see several persons, places or things in the courtroom that could be called a “huge inadvertent mishap”. If you get my drift. JUST SAYING…

Excerpt from August 12, 2016: Now we already know that deputy public defender Ben Rosenstein proved that Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira lied in court when she said that there had been no deals or considerations given for any of the dirt bag tweaker’s testimony in court. Mr. Rosenstein said that in fact there were deals made including a deal for Ronald Cooper and for Michael Cooley. Liar liar panties on fire! (That would be a considerable blaze!) Just saying…

Excerpt from August 8, 2016: “When asked again by Hans Hjertonsson if he had said that Brian Woody had said that Baljit Athwal was doing security, Bunch admitted that he had said that on the stand. Bunch looked destroyed on the stand at this time. Bunch admits that his testimony was Incorrect about Robert Woody, Daljit Atwal, and Baljit Athwal being on the Carson property that night.”

Incorrect? Bull pucky!! When I was a kid, if I broke a window by a bad throw with a baseball, when asked by my dad if I did it, if I said no or I don’t recall as most of the prosecution’s witnesses seem to say, then when dad would say well Mrs. Smith saw you do it and I would then say oh, sorry dad, I was “incorrect“. After I had my butt beat, my dad would have said that’s for being incorrect or as we know the real word “LYING“.

So let me get this straight. If I am on the witness stand under oath, and when asked a question and I said no and it was shown that I was lying, I could just say that my answer was incorrect and I wouldn’t face any ramifications for lying on the witness stand. Let me tell you folks, if any of us were on the witness stand and gave false testimony you better believe would be charged with perjury. But not Special Agent Bunch. They can try playing games with semantics but the bottom line is, he was lying.

On numerous occasions when Special Agent Bunch was testifying regarding reports he had done, interviews he had videotaped or recorded, after he gave his testimony, the defense played the video or the recording and showed that the testimony he gave under oath on the witness stand was vastly different from what actually was said on the recording or on the video. Oh but wait! He wasn’t lying hoping he would not be discovered, he was merely “incorrect”. Just remember folks, if anyone of us is on the stand and we lied about an answer, we would not be charged with being incorrect. The prosecutor would charge us with perjury. But then we are just lowly common citizens and not prosecution witnesses or Special Agents or a chief deputy Dist. Atty. Just saying…

I am going to wrap up this commentary and send it off to be published. All of these things regarding the misconduct the part of the Dist. Atty. exhibits what a hypocrisy this whole agenda driven personal vendetta is all about. There’s much more to show as this ding-a -ling sisters three ring circus drags on. Ferrera must know that she’s going down for the third time, figuratively speaking of course, and that if the judge is foolish enough to hold any one of the Carson 8 to answer, Ferrera will never get a conviction on any of them in front of a jury of citizens.