The Frank Carson Prosecution Fiasco

Fiasco“A Commentary by Carmen Sabatino”

The Back Story thinks ‘MIRACLE BY THE BAY’, by BSN contributing writer, Mr. Warren Yates, a California Licensed Private Investigator, of a case he was involved with in San Jose, CA. may strike close to home.

MIRACLE BY THE BAY’ “2/27/16 – Well ladies and gentlemen, deputy Dist. Atty. Marlissa Ferriera’s favorite commenter is back from San Jose. I am going to explain the title of this commentary and show how what happened in San Jose parallels the dog and pony show here in Stanislaus County. First I will tell you the events that took place in San Jose, and let you draw your own conclusions……”  (Excerpt)

The story may provide food for thought which is always good fodder for filling in some gaps regarding what (in closed circles) is being called the Frank Carson Prosecution Fiasco.

You may link to all of Yates’ articles from the front page of The Back Story.

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