JUNE 21,2016 – Today, we continued with the mind numbing cell phone ping evidence from the self-proclaimed cell phone expert Jim Cook. His son Chris is helping Marlissa ask the questions. Hundreds of them during the afternoon.

What a dog and pony show. Like usual, it was impossible for me to take many notes on this segment of the testimony. I will give you a brief synopsis of the cell phone ping testimony that I heard during the afternoon session, and then I will once again give you the “Meat of the Day” that occurred after Mr. Cook was allowed to step down.

We start out with cell phone ping evidence on the cell phone associated with Walter Wells. Each cell phone ping of each slide is objected to by Timothy Rien on the grounds that they were: cumulative, 352, asked and answered, argumentative, and undue consumption of time. All but one of these objections this afternoon was over-ruled by the judge. I think she is doing this to speed things up. (If you can call any of this stuff speedy)

I noticed at this point, that DA Investigator Kirk Bunch was sitting in the gallery next to Tony Kauffman, and whispering in his ear. They have to keep working on Tony to keep him in their corner. (My Opinion) I find Tony Kauffman to be quite pleasant with me in conversation. I sure hope he realizes that I want justice for Korey Kauffman like he does. I just don’t think that convicting innocent people will bring him the type of justice that will do him any good.

We then go into cell phone ping evidence concerning the cell phone associated with Georgia DeFelippo, Christina DeFelippo, and Frank Carson.

They were all pinging from the same cell phone tower on 04/07/2012, but no actual cell phone calls were made between them at that time.

The cell phone pings all showed that the three of them were somewhere around McHenry Blvd close to the downtown area.

Marlissa Fereirra responded to the many objections on this data by revealing a theory that they were meeting somewhere and speaking together off the cell phones.

Judge Zuniga sustains the objections, and Marlissa starts arguing with the judge over her ruling. She gets severely reprimanded for the umpteenth time for arguing with the judge after a ruling

There are 207 slides in this portion of the Power Point presentation, and we have about 75 more to go. I am not sure if there are other slides that have to be covered in addition to these slides.

This is going to take a lot of time to finish. The defense attorneys are going to work Mr. Cook over quite well with cross examination. I would expect Cook’s cross examination will take quite some time. We will get ample opportunity for Marlissa to put her feet in her mouth on cross examination. This should be entertaining.

Cook is allowed to step down from the stand around 4:20 PM. What a great time of the day this is.

Timothy Rien discusses the upcoming schedule where the motion to strike Beverly Woody’s testimony will be heard. The date for the hearing is moved from July 11th to July 7th. This will be a good day for all interested people to attend. It will be done in the morning. I assume it will start at 9:30 AM, and I will keep you updated on the time as the day gets closer.

Defense attorney Timothy Rien then talks about the billing records requested for Jim Cook. The last ones provided were for the period ending May 18th. It was determined that his son’s billing is included in the total bill that is submitted. The judge will see the new billing records by this Thursday. The rest of us will just have to guess how much his dog and pony show is actually costing. Now it is Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra’s turn to make announcements.

She states that DA Investigator Kirk Bunch had received a call from Officer Perry. It seems that the missing 8 CD’s have been found, and Officer Perry thinks he has found the encrypted thumb drive as well.

I believe that Marlissa Fereirra had received enough heat about the missing evidence, and is now willing to turn it over. I think that they have had this evidence all along, but were unwilling to turn it over for some reason. We shall see what is contained. This should be interesting, but many of us expect that nothing that is turned over will have anything useful. It is so easy for them to just hold back one CD, since Officer Perry testified that he was not sure how many CD’s were actually in the binder that was stored in the Ceres Police Department.

It is now time to go home. I will be there again in the afternoon tomorrow.


William Thomas Jensen (Tom)