The reason people that want to know what is going on in the Carson persecution is because the Bee reporter not only does not put the whole story in, they can’t even get the number of defendants right. Frank Carson and eight others not five others are charged. Only person guilty is Robert Woody.


Delay is because Percy Martinez was ordered to a federal trial in Kansas. Two other attorneys also have trials during this delay. The delay is good news for the prosecution because it gives them time to try to resurrect their case which is disintegrating around them and they don’t want to get buried in the rubble.


So far their stellar array of witnesses are composed of ex-felons, current felons. drug dealers, drug addicts, defendants trying to get better deals or reduced sentences, an embezzler of $12,000 who’s case just can’t seem to make it to the preliminary hearing, people who swear in court disrespecting the attorneys and completely disrespecting Judge Zuniga, investigators who testify orally one way and when an audio is played or transcript read have to change their testimony, uncharged thieves and uncharged people selling stolen property to buy drugs and on and on and on.


I would keep going on listing the credibility qualifications of the prosecution witnesses but my fingers are tired. If you have been reading my posts you know that I believe in the law and that if a person has done the crime, do the dad gum time. But don’t persecute people because of vindictiveness and the fact that they may have a demonstrated better legal mind then you.

There will be some revelations coming up soon that may tend to rain on the prosecutions parade. Stay tuned to back story news or dawgsblog to know what’s really going on.