AUGUST 24, 2016

Dear Jeff,

I know you can’t talk to me, but let me try to help you.

For your August 22, 2016 article you chose to use former Mayor Carol Whiteside as your source.

Whiteside explains that Modesto had a better location and Stockton had the better airport. A better explanation is that Mayor Mensinger and city Councilwoman Whiteside got their feelings hurt. Modesto wanted its own airport. Sometimes pride will make you do stupid things.

Carol Whiteside spent a great deal of money in remodeling the Modesto airport because she was concerned about the seats within the terminal.

She should’ve been more concerned about filling the seats in the airplane than in the terminal.

For future articles you might consider Mayor Whiteside’s other accomplishments.

For example:

“Curtains up 88” gave us the convention center, originally advertised as a community center. More is owed on the convention center today than it cost to build.

Steve Zagaris developed a campaign to oppose the convention center and filed complaints against the city Council at the time.

He elected Patrick McGrath to the city Council, but finally decided that it was best to have them build the convention center and then when things would wrong he could “take them out”.

Whiteside accepted $15,000 in funneled money from the M ID to lend her prestige to sell our water to San Francisco.

When Gallo stopped funding her Central Valley “think tank” she left.

I’m just saying, but most appointments to the judicial bench, are political rewards.

But I digress, back to the airport.

I was elected Mayor in 2000 and immediately proposed a Modesto Stockton regional Airport. Stockton agreed to the name.

Members of the Stockton City Council and a group of  Modestans attended ceremonies at the Stockton Airport and we flew on the inaugural flight of America West to Phoenix.

Once there we played a round of golf and returned home. City Manager Jack Crist, and I agreed to by $25,000 worth of tickets. Everyone on the trip paid for their own expenses, but that did not stop DA investigator Kirk Bunch from charging misuse of public funds.

I question a member of the San Joaquin Board of Supervisors about the progress of a regional airport and he indicated that Stanislaus County Supervisor Ray Simon did not offer any support. This experience convinced me that these were airline scams meaning give us the money we will stay for a couple of years and then we will tell you that we have to leave because we’re not making any money.

The city of Modesto has fallen for this “scam” many times, and now Modesto Airport Manager Mark Germanowski says he has surveys that air service from Modesto to LA is sustainable.

Jeff, you’re welcome to the information provided, but you know you won’t be allowed to print it.