Takedown! People of Power and Means begin takeover of Modesto.

modesto people of means

In 2016 a small group of property and business owners, and the city and county decided to create a special district called the Downtown Modesto Partnership – its mission statement was high on words but low on specifics.  One thing was clear they were going to make everyone in their “special district” pay for their vision.


It was clear that this new assessment district would overlap many of the existing services already provided by Stanislaus County and the City of Modesto, particularly the 41-year old Downtown Improvement District agency run by the City of Modesto.

But the balloting for this new district did not have popular support among private property owners and would have failed without the votes of Modesto and its former redevelopment agency, which combined had the biggest assessment and vote. The city, its former redevelopment agency, the county and the office of education provided almost half of the weighted vote in favor of the district.

Because the voting was weighted on the size of the assessment and not the popular vote, the majority vote lost.  Of the 214 property owners within the district’s 125 of them cast ballots, with 76 voting no and 49 voting yes. Those 125 ballots represent $481,400 of the $700,000 in total assessments. After the fancy website was created with some bizarre service offerings such as “surveillance” by a private security firm, and proclaiming success for many services that had already been provided, the name Downtown Modesto Partnership began to fade in favor of a new name DoMo. Now the ball started rolling to consolidating their “vision” by eliminating other agencies so they could then grab more taxpayer funds.    They began their plan to take-down the existing DID agency – which was made easier by the fact the David Boring has a seat on both the DID agency and the new DoMo board of directors.

When a member of the DID board was tasked with understanding the logistics and feasibility of working in concert with DoMO, the trouble began.   Immediately he brought up the staff addition to the DID by DoMo was not in the budget.  He suggested to the DoMo board that they pay for the additional staff member, and then the violations of the Brown Act began by Domo and the threats began.

David Boring literally told the assigned board member that “People of power and means” in Modesto that have influence, and described a third party’s discussion regarding the DID board members suggestion of making DoMo pay for their own staff member.  David Boring then brought up a threat of a “Modesto Bee Article”.

Violating several provisions of the Brown Act, such as telephone discussions without a quorum (only 3 board members), not to mention discussions and decisions out of the public-eye, Domo essentially steam rolled out the DID board member- causing him to resign.

In the resignation letter of the DID board member, he mentions that the felt berated and threatened.  He indicated that he was not in a position to tolerate such behavior.

Watch as the new powers that be, take more of your money and take over our City.