Stanislaus County Justice: PART ONE: Lies, Murder, & Cover-ups

Stanislaus County Justice

May 5th, 2018

Hollywood could not come up with a story containing as much corruption, abuse, scandals, harassment and murders as we have in the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department.    The recent national attention on the reign of terror by San Joaquin Sheriff-Coroner Moore, only highlights the fact that 40 miles away sits the most corrupt Sheriff in California History.

Sheriff-Coroner Adam Christianson sits with an iron grip over a Department that has broken the law.  His tenure has endangered the public, engaged in massive cover-ups on everything from criminal officers to murdering and incarnating inconvenient citizens.

Without accomplices, such tenure of terror could not have happened.  The only statutory checks and balances are the District Attorney who should maintain objective distance, and the Coroner’s Office which is designed to maintain an independent assessment of deaths and the circumstances behind them.

In the case of the Coroner, we are left with the same person who is involved with deaths – determining what the official cause and circumstances of those deaths were.  The only redressal is through the civil system, with the murderous wrongdoing exposed only after a financial settlement is reached.

In respect to the District Attorney – any hope for objective review is lost as Birgit Fladager sits on the same political slate, and draws from the some donor base as Adam Christianson – sheee has a sortied history of rubberstamping his abuses.

To be clear
This is not a story I enjoyed writing.  Had I not personally been on the receiving end of a weaponized criminal justice system targeting me for exercising my constitutional rights, I may not have arrived here.   Sadly, having made it through what I once thought unbelievable, I soon became grateful that I only suffered the destruction of my personal life.  I became to know and hear of others, who ended up incarcerated or on a morticians slab after their turn with the Stanislaus Justice Meat grinder.     I report this, as it is my DUTY to the country, not just my RIGHT.  Going quietly into the dark night is not something I have ever done, nor will I start now.

No Agenda
I do not have any malice towards law enforcement personnel serving on the frontlines during a graveyard shift.  I have met several who are victimized in their own ways as their dedication to public service is manipulated into furthering the goals by an entrenched leadership that makes a mockery of their sworn oaths.

Unprecedented events require a deliberate response
This is too big a story, too complex a tale, and too much of a threat to the public, for me to cover in a single article.  Over the next week, I will detail out the facts, the victims, the perpetrators, the collaborators and the bystanders that surround one other the most frightening chapters in the history of the California justice system.

A long Battle
The criminal and morally corrupt activities within the Stanislaus Criminal Justice system have no bounds.  For nearly two decades I have been using whatever platform I had to report on everything from intimidation to the outright murders of innocent people who displeased the powerful within the District Attorney’s and Sheriff Departments office.  I have used the tools available to me – ranging from public record records review to interviewing the victims/families.

In July of 2017, I communicated my concerns directly to the United States District Attorney, the California District Attorney, 58 members of the Assembly and 21 sitting members of Congress.  A copy of this letter can be found at

3000 words from McClatchy – an opportunity
The recent article by the Sacramento Bee on the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department is an opportunity to compare those actions with the absolute horror story that exists here in Stanislaus County.

The main issue of focus by State Senator Cathleen Galgiani (and the Sacramento Bee) is the controversy surrounding the dual role of corner and Sheriff.  It is an obvious flaw that is ripe for misuse.   The Sheriff lacks the medical knowledge to form an opinion, lacks the oversight required to form an independent conclusion, and the moral compass to be honest in doing so.   The fox is not only guarding the henhouse, he is solely responsible reporting on the death of chickens.

As bad as the story is, it is shades lighter than what occurs in Stanislaus County.  Consider this – San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori Verber Salazaris is conducting an ongoing investigation into the Sheriff’s Office over allegations of grave misconduct.  In Stanislaus County, DA Birgit Fladager is lockstep part of the circle of wagons surrounding the county justice system – never will either the Sheriff or DA do anything outside of covering each other’s back.

The dual role (Coroner/Sheriff) is at the center of corruption in San Joaquin County.  We have the exact same problem here, Sheriff Adam Christianson is also the Coroner.

In San Joaquin, high profile and credible officials were willing to go on the record against the abuse and misconduct.   Not so here – as those who have gone on the record are smeared in the press, investigated, arrested and even convicted by a DA and Sheriff running in concert.

In San Joaquin, an elected State Senator is willing to step forward and end the madness.  In Stanislaus, the contributions and mutual back rubbing by elected officials/PACs make such intervention doubtful.

In San Joaquin, the Press is finally willing to report on the misconduct.  In Stanislaus, the press stays on the sidelines – simply reporting year after year on egregious actions by the Sheriff without ever stating the obvious conclusion – The fact that a Stalinist judicial system exists within Stanislaus County.