The present wave of  “terrorism” being conducted by DA investigators Kirk Bunch and the task force SWAT team is more of an effort to destroy innocent citizens than looking for a murderer. The roundup continues, phones are wiretapped, witnesses are intimidated, and Fladager’s investigators run rampant over the protections supposedly guaranteed by our Constitution.

Judges are intimidated and allow themselves to be lied to in sworn affidavits provided by Bunch in order to gain the power he needs for victory, not justice.

In the end, officials like Fladager and Bunch will go past the point of no return and will engage in more obvious misconduct that will and their careers.

Dist. Atty. candidate Frank Carson defended Mayor Sabatino in an eight-week trial after Sabatino refused to take a “deal” that would have made 12 felonies go away for $4,700. Sabatino turned down the deal under the judges threat that if convicted, he could get two years in jail.

Fladager and Bunch lost at trial and taxpayers lost over $685,000.

An historical example of Bunches perjury before a judge comes from an “affidavit in support of search warrant” and 2003.

In that report. Bunch tells the judge that  “Sabatino failed to disclose the identities and sources of more than $3 million in economic interests.”

Bunch says, “In 1999, Sabatino became an owner in one business entity (Modesto Joe’s Incorporated, a restaurant) and general partner of the second business entity (953 10th St., limited partnership). The partnership owns the real property at the address where the restaurant Modesto Joe’s was built and operates 953 10th St.”

The BACK STORY, is that Mayor Sabatino had no interest in the restaurant or the property which was owned by Patrick McGrath, a good friend of Bunch, who assisted in the investigation. McGrath lost his license to practice law and later filed for bankruptcy in the amount of $3.2 million. Bunch had assisted McGrath in his Ponzi scheme.

District Attorney investigator Kirk Bunch and the truth are strangers, but his superior District Attorney Fladager doesn’t mind. Bunch says that Mayor Sabatino received free television and the cable company said. It also gave his mother free TV.

Bunch corrects himself by saying that “court records” show that Mary Sabatino died in 1997.

The BACK STORY is that the wife of Joseph Sabatino and mother of Carmen Sabatino died in 1994. Their son was elected Mayor of the city of Modesto and 1999.  So much for Fladager and Bunch, but the people are not finished with them yet.

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  1. Would be good to have full search warrant and the return to get an accurate story. I know Frank and realize how he has been treated by MPD and DA office. I am very interested in the full story. Don E.

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