Snapshot of a Powerful Person of means – Steve Rank

Steve Rank

Downtown Improvement District Advisory Board
Chairman, Modesto Chamber of Commerce
Owner Rank Investigation & Protection, Inc.

Modesto Bee Flashback –Nov 28th 2017

And the report says Modesto issued Rank a two-year contract in 2009 not to exceed $50,000 for security guards, but staff extended the contract to 2016 and the amount without council authorization. The report says Modesto paid Rank $228,946.

In addition to the contract that expired in 2016, Modesto issued Rank Investigations & Protection a two-year contract that is not to exceed $50,000. The contract expires In January, but the $50,000 threshold was met in October. City officials are asking the contract be extended through June and increased by $61,000.

Rank provides security guards at city parks, the city’s three downtown parking garages, Modesto Centre Plaza and at special events.

Rank Investigations & Protection owner Steve Rank said he believes the 2009 contract was to provide security at the city’s Bus Yard and Transportation Center. But he said Modesto then asked his company to provide security at more venues.

Rank said he assumed city officials had the authority to increase the contract. “We want to do it right,” he said. “We as a vendor want to do it right. Everyone is waiting for the city to get this done (its review of its procurement and contract procedures) and get it right.”

Mayors THOUGHTS – What good is this bidding process?  Rank should live with their bid so as to not unfairly disadvantage other bidders who were underbid during the initial process?