Sheriff Christianson is victim of soft blackmail

Tragedy visits us all. It is felt and dealt with in many ways, but it is universally painful.

Stanislaus County Deputy Sheriff Justin Wall fired four bullets at Evin Yadegar while she was driving away from him. A mother and wife was lost forever to the Yadegar family and a friend to many.

“The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office has released dashboard video of the shooting of Evin Olsen Yadegar by Stanislaus County Sheriff’s deputy Justin Wall in 2017. Wall faces manslaughter charges.” San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office

Wall’s career in law enforcement is probably over, regardless of the judicial outcome.

Sheriff Adam Christianson and Sheriff’s union leader Rankin Kirkbride have apparently completed their investigation and have given their full support to Deputy Wall.

Now comes Adam Christianson:

“While this case involves a tragic loss of life and we’ve acknowledged that, it will now be up to the court and perhaps a jury to decide whether or not Deputy Wall’s actions were objectively reasonable,” Christianson said.

He added, “Finally, it’s time to stop blaming law enforcement for society’s problems. It’s time to stop demonizing and villainizing law enforcement officers who, under extraordinarily difficult circumstances, place themselves in harm’s way, risking their own lives to protect others they don’t even know. It’s time to start placing the blame where the blame belongs, on those who choose to defy authority and fail to comply. The suspects, criminals and those who themselves create situations that lead to a law enforcement encounter, are solely responsible for the outcome.” Modesto Bee 7/29/18

Union leader Sheriff Kirkbride says, “What has not been mentioned is that the decedent had been engaged in dangerous, felonious behavior that endangered the lives of officers and the public.”

What is now being addressed is a situation when Sheriff Christianson’s daughter and Deputy Justin Wall ended their relationship.

Adam Christianson’s daughter reportedly burglarized, and trashed, the house where Justin Wall was living. The incident involved domestic violence and other violations of law and yet it was “shut down”.

Deputy Sheriff Wall had crimes to report, and a story to tell, that wasn’t going to be told by him or his boss Adam Christianson.

Wall had a bright future with Christianson’s Sheriff Department until the tragic day when he fired four bullets into a car that was moving away from him and killing Evin Yadegar.

Christianson apparently need not worry about “soft blackmail” now, rather, he and union leader Kirkbride might consider not to obstruct justice again.

Stanislaus County has a new Sheriff.  Christianson should move on and let him go work now.