The Back Story is pleased and thankful to Tom Jensen for his reports on the trial of the Carson 8. It is a gut wrenching experience to watch this nine-month preliminary hearing and he has paid the price.

Visiting Judge Zuniga has said on more than one occasion, “I’m glad I don’t live in Stanislaus County”.

If the Judge finally sees what Tom Jensen and all those who attend the hearing see then she should end the false imprisonment of the defendants in this case. Continue the trial if she must, but let them go home.

Mayor Carmen Sabatino, Bail Bondsman AJ Pontillo, and Criminal Justice professor Frank Drumond are cases Fladager lost. She should prosecute legitimate crime and not spend $4 million to try a political vendetta against Frank Carson.

Republican County Supervisor Jim DeMartini has predicted that Fladager will lose the Frank Carson case.

DA Fladager wins election but Frank Carson wins Court cases. She is about to lose her fourth case to attorney Frank Carson’s defenders.

She has made Carson a jailed defendant without Bond for 10 months but he will win as long as he remains alive.

Is not enough that the District Attorney’s Office walks away from this trial. They, along with the Republican Board of Supervisors must be held accountable for what they have done.

Tom Jensen reports what’s going on in the courtroom while the Modesto Bee remains silent. The Dist. Atty. has asked for a gag order from the court which is being ignored. Could it be that they have asked the editors of the Bee not ask to taint the jury pool by letting people know what is happening.

Thanks again Tom.


  1. Lets pack the court room out on July 11th and listen to the judge toss this case as it it should have been from the beginning.
    This whole damn DA office should be ousted and not allowed to practice any type of law enforcement in California again. What a “Bunch” of bullshit lies that have spewed from their pie holes. What an embarrassment to the entire county.

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