Radio Show Notes – 2018 District Attorney Election Fact Sheet

February 23rd, 2018 –

  1. June 2018 is the election date from deciding the next District Attorney
  2. There are 3 candidates
    • District Attorney Birgit Fladager
    • Deputy District Attorney John R. Mayne
    • Patrick Kolasinski
  3. District Attorney Birgit Fladager
    • Incumbent (3 Terms)
    • Some points she makes
      • “I am looking forward to running for a fourth term,” Fladager said. “I will address any issues as they arise and look forward to being elected for a fourth term and serving the citizens of this county.”
      • “Obviously, I would hope that everyone who works in the office might share the same vision in fighting to ensure the proper administration of justice, but it’s an inherent fact of life for an elected official that someone from within might challenge you,”
      • “We have been through a tremendous economic hardship as a result of the downturn and county fiscal impacts,” Fladager said. “We have lost folks to larger counties because they pay more.”
      • “I Will absolutely” ask Stanislaus County voters for a fourth term next year.
      • “I very much enjoy the job,” Fladager said. “We have a great office. We have been able to make tremendous strides in bringing the office into the modern age.”
    •  Last 460 Filing available on County site
      • Money information
        • Beginning Cash Balance                         $15,354.57
        • Cash Receipts                                                 $42,590.00
        • Cash Payments                         $6059.62
        • ENDING CASH BALANCE                                $51,884.95
        • Outstanding Debts                         $15,350.00
      • Loans $15,350.00
        • Loan from Birgit Fladager 7/15/2005 – $5,000
        • Loan from Birgit Fladager 8/8/2005 – $5,000
        • Loan from Birgit Fladager 6/16/2006 – $1,500
        • Loan from Birgit Fladager 1/7/2008 – $1,100
        • Loan from Birgit Fladager 9/7/2009 – $750
        • Loan from Birgit Fladager 1/31/2010 – $2,000
      •  Monetary Contributions Received
        • TOTAL FROM 65 line items $42,400
      •  Non-Monetary Contributions
        • Items and services from 15 line items $4258.49
      •  Payments made
        • Payments to 10 line items $6043.94

Deputy District Attorney John R. Mayne

  • Notable Supporters include
    • Stan Deputy Sherriff Association
    • Prosecutor Tony Colacito
  • Some points he makes
    • Several attorneys in the DA’s came to him and urged to run for office. He said they asked him to “fix this,” referring to what he described as a high turnover rate within the office.
    • Mayne said other prosecutors already have “voted with their feet” by leaving the office for other jobs with similar or less pay. “The extremely rapid turnover means we are constantly short of people because we have unfilled positions,”
    •  “We continue to hire excellent young prosecutors, but we can’t keep them,” Mayne said.
    • Right now, these prosecutors with less experience are forced to handle serious, violent criminal cases up to and including homicide cases, Mayne said.
    • “I’m not a politician, but I’m very well respected in the legal community,” Mayne said. “I know it will take a lot of time and resources to do this right. I did not make this decision lightly.”
    • Gangs: Let’s talk about them, and how the current administration lost the ability to stop some gangster behavior because they didn’t follow any sort of reasonable procedure.
    • California law permits prosecutors to get injunctions against specific gang members. Those injunctions prohibit some behavior that would otherwise be legal – for instance, it can set a nighttime curfew against those gang members.
    • In the following three years, the office added 93 more alleged gang members to the list of covered people. The methodology used was this:
      • Subject person was deemed a gang member by a gang expert in our office.
      • Subject person was served with the injunction.
    • Then if they violated, they got arrested.
    • Do you see the skipped step?
    • The alleged gang members had no way to get themselves off the list. There was no court hearing or process to challenge the finding that the person was a gang member. There was no way to challenge this without doing something otherwise legal and then getting arrested and then going to trial.

Last 460 Filing available on County site

      • Money information
        • Beginning Cash Balance $0.00
        • Cash Receipts                                                 $33,650.00
        • Cash Payments $955.62
        • ENDING CASH BALANCE                                $32,694.38
        • Outstanding Debts $30,098.00
      • Loans $30,000
        • Loan from – John and Pamela Mayne $30,000.00
      • Monetary Contributions Received
        1. TOTAL FROM 9 line items $3,650.00
      • Non-Monetary Contributions $0.00
      • Payments made
        • Payments to 3 line items $955.00

    Attorney Patrick Kolasinski

        • Grass Roots campaign
        • Some points he makes
          • “I have been watching the management side fall apart and watching prosecutors resign in frustration,”
          • “I am the right person to do this.”
  • He claims the DA’s office is mismanaged and loses too many prosecutors to other employers
  • There is no accounting of the staff time spent on court cases and the total cost of cases
  • The Frank Carson case is an extreme example of the delays caused by lost and misplaced evidence, but even small cases get delayed for weeks and months for the same reason. This wastes taxpayer dollars as attorneys, judges, clerks, and bailiffs go through hearings that could have been avoided if the evidence was just handed over correctly the first time. It’s unacceptable the office lacks a system for tracking the volumes of evidence gathered in criminal investigations.
  1. Last 460 Filing available on County site
    • Money information
      • Beginning Cash Balance $1,563.66
      • Cash Receipts                                                 $2,761.00
      • Cash Payments $1,947.24
      • ENDING CASH BALANCE                                $2,377.42
      • Outstanding Debts $0.00
    • Loans $0.00
  • Monetary Contributions Received
    1. TOTAL FROM 10 line items $2,761.00
  1. Non-Monetary Contributions $0.00
  2. Payments made
    1. Payments to 9 line items $1,947.24