Public Retirement is not Public Acquittal

July 8th, 2017

In the midst of formal demands for a Federal Investigation by the Department of Justice in the hands of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, 23 members of congress, 32 members of the state assembly and both sitting California senators – we find Adam Christianson is scurrying into the crevices of retirement.

Sheriff, it does not work that way.  Whatever way you choose to leave the Department, it does not mean you will escape accountability.  Particularly you, Adam.   Your tenure has been a reign of terror in this county marked by abuse of your office, violations of its Citizens civil rights, discrimination, misuse of Federal funds and local cemeteries marked with the tombstones of those who mysteriously died in your care.  Not to mention the 18 million dollars in legal fees and settlements since the day you took office.  What private sector corporation would tolerate your record?

No Adam, you of all will not escape justice.   The ultimate chameleon – Law and order bravado cloaked with endless public mentions of your memberships in over 25 Samaritan organizations.   Your true colors show most brightly, Adam when your misdeeds are revealed.

You and your minions used the “limp lame and lazy list” to humiliate and drive the true members of the thin blue line who were injured in the line of duty out of your Department.  How interesting that when you injured yourself hopping off the bow of a boat – instead of the humiliation of being “limp, lame and lazy” – you received a puff piece in the local media about your injured muscles and 2 days in the hospital.

For too long, with too much malice, and too much damage to the community and our safety, will the public allow you to a slink off into unaccountable retirement.   No Adam, Perhaps your true self will be clearer without the ever present 5-stared uniform bedazzled with awards, white gloves and ascots.

If you are allowed to leave your office without accountability, you will receive a staggering amount of public retirement money.   Adam, save us the continued misuse and public danger ever present in YOUR continued tenure as head of the Sheriff’s Department.   Leave now.   A fresh replacement has already been selected.   You are an obsolete relic of a dark time at the Sheriff’s department whose deeds will soon be exposed to the light of day.

In your letter of resignation you indicate have found an extremely competent replacement Sheriff in Jeff Dirkse, you might consider that with his background and standards – he might end up leading the investigation and arrest of you.

Perhaps the King of Jordan will still be your friend – but for the Citizens of Stanislaus – its judgement day Adam.