Press Release DA Accuses Former Mayor Sabatino


Judge Barbara Zuniga shuts down the latest DA’s office attempt to obfuscate trial

MODESTO, CA, FEB 23, 2018— in the latest embarrassment for the Stanislaus District Attorney’s office, Judge Barbara Zuniga repeatedly dismissed Chief Deputy District Attorney Marlisa Ferreira’s attempt to bring Former City of Modesto Mayor Carmen Sabatino into the Frank Carson trial.

“I have a lot of problems with your trying to get this in.”  That was the final response by Judge Barbara Zuniga to Stanislaus County Chief Deputy District Attorney Marlisa Ferreira on January 19th during a hearing for Modesto attorney Frank Carson and two co-defendants charged with murder.   Several attempts were made by the DA’s office to link statements gathered in a secret wiretap of a conversation between Balkit Atwal and Sabatino – to Obstruction of Justice and Bribery accusations.

 Sabatinos role as treasurer in the 2014 Political Action Committee to Recall Brigit Fladager, was offered as proof that he was involved in a conspiracy to break the law as well as obstruction of justice.  Parts of the conversation regarding campaign posters for the 2014 PAC were suggested as proof of payoffs and bribery.

Judge Barbara Zuniga, who in December 2017, stated that she intended to impose sanctions on the District Attorney’s in response to repeated mistakes in the Carson case, disallowed the latest attempt by Ferreira to bring the Sabatino accusations forward.

The judge responded by stating “Ms. Ferreira, you’re asking me to infer quite a bit from this conversation, but I’m looking at the plain language… not going to happen.  It’s out.”

Sabatino commented on the proceedings   “At this point, nothing the District Attorney’s office does surprises me, but this is a frightening lesson for every citizen of this County – Brigit Fladager has a shotgun approach to intimidating, implicating and indicting anyone, at any time, without grounds”

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