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  1. Before this election, I sent Ted Brandvold an E Mail with some questions and concerns. I had been provided his E Mail address by Dave T’homas. I had asked the same questions to Dave, and he suggested that I ask Ted myself. I got no answer from Ted. When I sent Dave an E mail informing him of Ted’s non response to my questions, I got no response from Dave. It seems like they are in protect mode, and are scared to make any comments about policy. I was going to vote for Ted, but we just cast two votes for Garrad Marsh. I look at him as the least deadly of two poisons. Petrulakis and Zagaris are certainly making a bid for total control over Modesto. How high will the percentage of our General Fund be that is devoted to Public Safety if Ted Brandvold is elected? The amount of money they cost Modesto is already crippling our budget.

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