Online responses to Modesto’s $75,000 Allocation for The Amgen tour


By Carmen Sabatino

The Amgen Tour of California – the road race featuring the world’s best cyclists – could be returning to Modesto. The riders and their teams would not be coming here to race. They would be here to sleep and eat on the city’s dime a night before the tour’s Stage 5 starts May 19 in Lodi.

The City Council will consider at its Tuesday meeting allocating $75,000 from Modesto’s general fund to pay for hotel rooms, dinner and breakfast, and free parking for 350 riders and team members and enter into an agreement with AEG, the global sports and entertainment company that owns and operates the tour. The agreement states AEG would provide Modesto with marketing and promotions in exchange for the lodging and meals.

One online comment by George Petrulakis is a stated below:

petroGeorge Petrulakis ·Principal at Petrulakis Law & Advocacy, APC

Why would the City Council spend $75,000 of general fund money for this project with no meaningful benefits to the citizens and taxpayers of Modesto? The City’s “good intentions” are to raise the money AFTER earmarking general fund monies to this questionable project. If this is so important, they should go raise the money first and leave our tax dollars alone.

Here is my response:

TheBackStory  Carmen Sabatino ·Works at The Back Story

George Petrulakis depends on politics to acquire as much taxpayer money as he can. As an example, the MID paid Petrulakis $450 an hour to advocate for the sale of our water to San Francisco. HIs clients retain him to use his influence with the elected officials he has put in office to get money from the taxpayers. As Mayor of Modesto 2000-2004,candidate for other offices, and publisher of the Back Story, I am qualified to provide a profile of attorney advocate George Petrulakis. The city has no business giving away $75,000 to AMGEN…Petrulakis wants the money for himself. AMGEN did not hire him.