Oh, Happy day! The Modesto Bee’s Editorial in RIGHT ON

pmz firing

Marsh 31st, 2017

Will wonders never cease?  I am hopeful that the comments in today’s Modesto Bee editorial (http://www.modbee.com/opinion/editorials/article141835789.html ) regarding the unceremonious firing of Modesto City Manager, Jim Holgersson reflect a new awareness of the secret unelected power brokers that REALLY control decisions.

pmz firingTo quote some very pertinent and accurate statements made in the editorial:

“Still, dismissing a city manager sends a distinct and clear message to the city’s 1,200 employees. And we’re worried what message Holgersson’s departure delivers.  Competence doesn’t count? Openness, probity and cooperation aren’t valued? Neighborhoods aren’t important? Budgets should be less transparent?”

“Did money go missing at Tenth Street Place? No, there’s no hint of malfeasance.”

“Has there been sexual harassment or misconduct (it’s happened before at City Hall)? Absolutely not.”

“Was Holgersson difficult to work with; a closet tyrant? Nope, nice guy according to most accounts.”

“Was he incompetent? Quite the opposite, in our estimate and that of many others.”

The absolute best of the editorial is the statement below:

But policies are supposed to be decided on the dais, not in backchannel conversations.

We at the Back Story News could not have said things any better.  Welcome aboard.

P.S – Note how very wise and prophetic Mayor Peggy Mensinger was in the Modesto Bee article below written 21 Years ago… hmmmm.