1-6-17 – Since there is a break in the Carson 8 persecution due to the Dist. Atty.’s office violating Brady versus Maryland by refusing to disclose exculpatory evidence after being ordered to by Judge Manoukian after the arrest of the Carson 8. The judge ordered the Dist. Atty. to present the entire discovery in this case to the defense attorneys 16 months ago. What a joke that was!

District Attorney’s Office has been dribbling out exculpatory evidence for the last 16 months. The DA’s office obviously has little respect for the judiciary. This has carried over all the way through this preliminary hearing. Time after time Judge Zuniga has been telling Ferreira to make sure the entire discovery has been given to the defense attorneys. The judge has finally had enough of the disrespect exhibited toward her by Fladager and her minions. No further discovery will be allowed after January 19, 2017.




On January 3, 2017, Carmen Sabatino paid for an electronic signboard that was put up in front of Department 26 so all the supporters of eight innocent people could see a sign welcoming the eight-innocent people who could come in the front door of the court. The court was supposed to proceed that day; however, Ferreira came bumbling in with even more exculpatory evidence/discovery that that the crack District Attorney’s Office just turned up. IMAGINE THAT!

The defense attorneys needed more time to review and analyze over 100 hours of recordings that had secreted away somewhere hoping that the defense attorneys would not have them. It should be noted now that the discovery that Ferreira has been dribbling out for sixteen months was mostly all found by the defense attorneys and not thru the goodness of the District Attorney’s Office.

Getting back to the electronic signboard, I was in Sabatino’s with an attorney for breakfast this morning and I talked to Carmen and the consensus was that the sign should be changed to read “RECALL FLADAGER” for all the reasons that have been given in commentaries for the last 16 months. You have but to consider the archives of commentaries and it is all too clear. Well, this afternoon as I was going home from an attorney’s office and passed by the 400 block of McHenry, facing southbound traffic was the electronic signboard with a two-word message. Guess what it is?

I have a whole lot of information to write in my commentaries during this hiatus of the hearing which I will get around to. This is an emergency commentary I want to get into print.

You may be wondering by this time what the title refers to. So, I am going to tell you so that I do not leave you wondering. I was requested to serve some subpoenas on certain law enforcement members in Stanislaus County. This is a jury trial in federal court in Fresno California. One of subpoenas was for Assistant District Attorney dave harris. No respect, no caps.

I will tell you now that there were subpoenas for several Stanislaus County Deputy Sheriff’s. The Sheriff’s office on Hackett Road was contacted to inquire as to who accepts service for deputy sheriffs. The person on the phone said there was a subpoena clerk and to just bring them out to the Sheriff’s office and they would accept them. That is the normal procedure in an agency that knows what it is doing. The subpoenas were taken out the Sheriff’s office and given to the subpoena clerk and that was that.

Knowing that someone at the District Attorney’s Office accepts service for employees of the District Attorney’s Office, I went to the lobby of the District Attorney’s Office. As I mentioned in a prior commentary you don’t go anywhere beyond a telephone in the lobby if they don’t want you there. These are your public servants in action. But don’t get too close to them.

I picked up the phone and someone upstairs answered and asked what I wanted. I asked them who accepts service for employees of the District Attorney’s Office. The girl on the phone asked “Who is it for?” I said “dave harris”. There was a stunned silence for about 10 seconds and then the girl said “hold on I have to go check”. Feeling that I may have stirred up a “poop storm”, I noted the time that I was put on hold.

Now that is a very simple request but apparently not to them. There are two security guards there to make sure that no one goes beyond the hallowed metal detector without authorization of the grand Pooh Bah. Several times they looked at me wondering why I was still on the phone. A young lady came in with some sort of documents and was standing there by the phone where I was. As it got into eight and 10 minutes’ wait, one of the guards called her over to his desk and she used his phone to call up stairs and guess what? She went right up. IMAGINE THAT!

At minute 18, the girl came back on the line and said they do not accept service and I would have to go find him somewhere. In somewhat of a state of shock I said really?

And she answered yes. I immediately began to feel my body up and down to make sure that I had not been hypnotized and had someone slip an explosive device on my body that one of the surveillance cameras picked up. Well guess what? NO EXPLOSIVE DEVICE! IMAGINE THAT!


Do you get the reason for the title yet? Here is the number two person to fladager that does not have any of the items mentioned in the title. Why would somebody that is so important that he is the second in command at the District Attorney’s Office not ride the elevator down, receive his subpoena and go back upstairs? Or why is there no one there designated to accept service of process for employees of the District Attorney’s Office?

Is it because he knows what the subpoena is for? I will tell you that the subpoena is to appear in federal court as a witness. A witness involving a civil lawsuit against a Stanislaus County Deputy Sheriff who for no valid reason attacked a 63-year-old man throwing him onto the ground and then hitting him in the back of his head while he was face down on the ground offering NO RESISTANCE WHATSOEVER! Coincidently, the deputy involved is one of the myriad of bailiffs working the Carson 8 hearing.

Here we have the assistant district attorney who in 2015 was paid $204,514.12 as a champion of the people. REALLY? REALLY? (CHORTLE, CHORTLE, CHORTLE)

Years ago, there was a radio program and then a television program by the name of “Mr. District Attorney”. The stars were Jay Jostyn and David Brian. At the beginning of the show they had the musical theme and a voice came over and said “Mr. District Attorney, Champion of the people. Defender of truth. Guardian of our fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Throughout the reign of the current district attorney none of them had ever listen to the program. Champion of the people? No! Defender of truth? No! Guardian of our fundamental rights? No! Guardian of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? No! Some people could learn a lot just by listening to an old radio show or TV show.

Here we have a public employee making $17,000 per month and he will not accept service of process. What a superhero huh?

Now as some of you know, I think I was taken off the Christmas card list at the District Attorney’s Office probably over a year ago, I had to go to the doctor and obtain medication because I couldn’t sleep because I was heartbroken. On January 3, 2017, when Ferreira walked past me and looked at me going into the court room, if looks could kill I wouldn’t be here to write this.

And after 18 minutes of scurrying around upstairs trying to figure out what to tell me because I had service of process for harris, they came up with telling me to go find him myself. Now not being on the Christmas card list anymore and not being invited to the Dist. Atty. spring picnic, anyone who thinks that I would go anywhere near the home of dave harris after dark to serve a subpoena is as goofy as anyone who voted for hillary.

The headline in the Modesto Bee would be: “Process Server Mistaken for A Home Invader with An Explosive Vest Shot 26 Times”. Not the way I want to check out. I have another plan afoot that I feel may bring success for me and my service attempt.

But I can’t disclose it here even though I know that no one in the District Attorney’s Office ever reads the commentaries. (CHORTLE, CHORTLE, CHORTLE)


By the way, if my body is ever found wrapped in chains with 7 shots to the head with a plastic bag over my head at the bottom of the Tuolumne River, hint: It wasn’t suicide”