Modesto’s city flag contest idea comes with usual ripple effect from critics…

Dear Jeff,

After 41 years of active political participation in this community and after running against former Mayor Dick Lang 5 times before I became Mayor, I am uniquely qualified in discussing the history of Modesto and Stanislaus County.

I do want to help you. After reading your column I am reminded of your support of people who have bad ideas about running the city.

As a reporter, you have a monopoly on the news, and yet you resort to insulting critics and call them “naysayers”, even though most criticisms are based in reality.

Amid all the crucial problems this area faces, the flag issue is created as a distraction and marketing exercise.

I am reminded of the story about a man who was polishing a car and was told that the transmission did not exist.

He said, “I know, but it’s not for me, I’m selling the car.”

I want to help you.

I am suggesting a ”life-changing experience for you” it is called  “reality therapy”.

I also want to help you by advising you of an omission in your article. You might have mentioned that the city of Modesto already has a flag.

As Mayor of Modesto, (yes I was don’t deny it) , I presented the flag to hundreds upon hundreds of visiting foreign students citizens of Japan and Mexico.

As an investigative reporter, you might try to find the full-sized flag that used to stand in the Council chamber.

Will your editors print this picture and column or will they continue to deny the valid criticisms that us “naysayers” present.