Modesto’s Chamber’s Silence on Credit Card Disaster

August 17th, 2017


The official vision of Modesto’s chamber is: “Building a vibrant and prosperous community through business leadership.”  What nonsense.  What untruth.   What nerve.  What an odd purpose for the municipal chamber.

modesto-chamber-of-commerceThe traditional purpose and goals of Chambers across America where goal is to further the interests of businesses.  Business owners in towns and cities form these local societies to advocate on behalf of the business community.

Not in Modesto.   Modesto, we have an advocacy group that spends more time and resources self-grooming and directing resources towards hidden special Interest directives and the Modesto Bee’s pet project of the day.

We can’t forget that for money, they will advocate anything, even government programs that are against the business interest.   While I was Mayor, they were coming to the public trough every year to the tune of $250,000.    Believing that truly worthwhile organizations who change for membership, should at least attempt to be self-sustaining – I cut their taxpayer allotment to $89,000 (still a princely fund.)

Where was your “business leadership” in alerting the community you care so much about in the massive fraud by Wells Fargo?

Where have you been in alerting the community and businesses who serve them about the huge changes in credit/debit card transactions that would take place after the final implementation of EMV chips (Funny square chip on your credit/debit card).

You didn’t tell them that banks could delay processing payment for weeks, months and even never process a transaction so that it never hits the merchants bank account?    You didn’t mention that due to software glitches in the chip chard implementation, honest merchants could be flooded with false double charges that they would have to defend?

Most importantly, like your silence in educating the community on how they could participate in the Wells Fargo class-action suit, you will doubtless say nothing about the class action suit against the nations credit card processing body.   The U.S. payment card industry’s monumental shift to EMV chip card technology are beginning to surface, and one problematic area is chargebacks among card-present merchants.

As a public service, Sabatino’s Ristorante is providing the below resources to get educated on the huge mess surrounding credit/debit cards (consumer and business), and how they can learn about the class-action suit.   Please visit these links (They affect you and your ability to even use your card anymore):

The first link lays out a scenario on how this mess might affect you personally (CHIP CARDS ARE GOING TO RUIN YOUR NIGHT OUT…)  We encourage you to look at all 4 links for a good understanding of the situation.   It’s not going to get better soon.

One more thought…. Where was our local paper of record, the Modesto Bee in reporting this mess that affects most of the community?