Korey Kaufman may have been killed in Modesto

Judge Zuniga ordered Dist. Atty. Marlissa Ferreira to produce a letter that was not part of the original discovery. The letter said that Korey Kaufman was killed in Modesto.

That was the reason given for the assignment of Modesto Police Department investigator Jon Evers to the Central Valley Gang Task Force.

Sheriff Adam Christianson has been transferring federal funds for fighting gangs to other high profile cases that have been created and lost by District Attorney Birgit Fladager and her 16 investigators.

Officer Evers will be a witness in the Kaufman case since he’s been part of the task force since 2012.

However, the City of Modesto pays him over $170,000 a year as an investigator in the Kaufman investigation.

The city will pay much more when the lawsuits role in at the end of this case.

Court clerk refuses to release video that was shown in court room

A video of investigator Kirk Bunch questioning the nephew of confessed murderer Robert Woody in a “love seat” was shown in open court last week.

The court clerk informed the representative of the Back Story that she could not supply a copy of the disc with that interview because, “the judge had not released yet”.

The future of X-FEST maybe decided at Tuesday night’s city Council meeting.

Former Mayor Carmen Sabatino relates a meeting with Chris Ricci in the Mayor’s office to discuss the start of X-FEST in the year 2000.

“As I recall Ritchie was to pay the city $12,000 for fencing off downtown Modesto. I told him that was not a very good deal for the city.

I suggested that apart from gate sales, food and beverage tickets could be sold rather than individual cash transactions, he was not very interested in that kind of arrangement. I understand it would not be difficult to account for sales tax collections with the ticket system.”

An accounting of the benefit for the city to rent public property must be approved.

The Council should be most concerned with public safety. Even police do not want to work inside the fence.

The Modesto Police Department is backtracking and the issue of public safety is to be remedied by Ritchie hiring 300 security guards instead of 200.

Rank security opposes raising the minimum wage which might indicate that their employees make $10 an hour, and they call that security.

There has been little discussion of the neighborhood X-FESTS, or “after parties”, and that when citizens call for help they are told that the police can’t, come because they are busy downtown.

What if …

The city Council followed the example of the MID and the County by allowing five minutes for public comment instead of three.

Visitors were required to sign a log sheet at the time of their meeting with councilmembers.

If this happened…Would the promised transparency in government be improved?