Modesto Bee payback for Supervisor Jim DeMartini


August 16, 2016 – Update on the preliminary hearing of the Frank Carson 8

Investigation of the purchase of the Fink Road landfill property

Modesto Bee payback for Supervisor Jim DeMartini

The Yosemite Community College District board did the right thing in censoring member Anne DeMartini for intimidating a district employee.

They made the right decision, the board made her accountable, and it was time to move on with the important work that the district has in running such an important educational system.

That wasn’t enough for the editors of the Bee, they wanted more,

They wanted to send a message to Supervisor DeMartini not to be so critical of the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office.

On May 16th of this year Deputy District Attorney Marlisa Ferreira, DA investigator Kirk Bunch, County Counsel John Doern, and County attorney Bob Taro, interrogated a supervisor, who  votes on their budget, on the 6th floor of the County office.

Investigator Kirk Bunch told  DeMartini that he was sent by the judge to get information. The judge was interested in information not DeMartini, but it helped create a feeling of being intimidated.

Supervisor Jim DeMartini has said, that $3 million had been spent on the Frank Carson 8 case.

He also has said, that the witnesses for the District Attorney. were convicts, drug dealers, and felons who were not credible.

DeMartini predicted that DA Birgit Fladager would lose the Carson case, and if she did, she should pack her bags.

Update on the preliminary hearing of the Frank Carson 8

Sunday, August 14th marked the one year anniversary that Frank Carson, Walter Wells, Baljit Athwal, and Daljit Atwal have been in the county jail without a trial with a $10 million bond, or no bond.

Due to a lack of information public officials are not being held accountable and neither are the interests of those who get them elected.

When the Board of Supervisors uses the District Attorney and her investigators, the Sheriff, law enforcement, and $5 million to help their friends and punish their enemies, they must and will be held accountable in civil courts and maybe someday in criminal courts.

Investigation of the purchase of the Fink Road landfill property

The landfill scandal that was exposed during my term of office could have resulted in indictable offenses for Supervisor Ray Simon, CEO Reagan Wilson, and County Counsel Michael Krausnick.

Tonight¸ I am submitting a public records request for all documents related to the appraisal of the Fink Road landfill property.

The appraisal of the property was paid for by the County Public Works Department but was coordinated with CEO Reagan Wilson.

Briefly, the validity of the appraiser’s assumptions about the number of acres of trees was not checked. The appraiser depended upon “reliable sources”.

The appraiser did not survey the property, did not use a title report, and did not report the condition of the property.

At the time orchard price was $8000 an acre, dryland sold from $700-$800. I

The County paid $3 million for orchards that did not exist.