Mayor Sabatino interviewed for A&E Peterson trial docuseries

August 14th, 2017 –

Last Year Mayor Sabatino was interviewed extensively for his comments and observations regarding his experience as Mayor of Modesto during the Scott Peterson Trial.

Mayor Sabatino had interviewed Scott Peterson early in the case and commented “Scott could not possibly get a fair trial in the City of Modesto”.  A Superior Court judge agreed with the Mayor, and the trial was moved to Redwood City.

The Modesto Chamber of Commerce became furious and pointed to the loss of business to Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, etc.   It should be noted that Sabatino’s downtown restaurant, Mediterranean Market and Grill (now known as Sabatino’s Ristorante on McHenry) was affected by the move of the trial, however the Mayor’s priority was justice, not profit.

On Tuesday @ 10pm, A&E Network will explore in a six-part series, the infamous Scott Peterson trial in the upcoming limited documentary series, The Murder of Laci Peterson.

Laci Peterson was the subject of a nationwide media frenzy after she went missing while eight months pregnant on Christmas Eve in 2002. Her body and that of her unborn child were discovered on the shores of San Francisco Bay four months later.

While her husband, Scott, was convicted of murder and is on death row, little is known about how, when and where Laci died.

Produced by Left/Right and BQE Films, The Murder of Laci Peterson takes a new look at the case, re-examines the circumstantial evidence and investigates the media’s influence on the case and its outcome docuseries also includes access to Scott and his family as they speak directly about his conviction.  For the Press Release from BQE Films who produced the series for A&E, please see this link.