Mayor Locked Out of Carson Trial

Wow. I’ll say it again, but nothing surprises me.  I am banned 100% from viewing the trial as a taxpaying citizen and a longtime journalist.

Wow.  My shadow must reach far as I have now found out that I have no right to even request transcripts.  Remember, only through transcripts review in the past, have I been alerted they are discussing me!


date               event

9-Jan                mayor went to court at @8:30 to respond to a subpoena.

9-Jan                Mayor went back to court @1:30 and observed DDA try to insert him into the trial due to his role in the 2014 campaign (where he supported Carlson, and opposed Fladager).   DDA suggested – obstruction/bribery.   Judge said no, it’s not going in.

9-Jan                told to report on 3/19

16-Mar            Steve Jacobson tells mayor that he is not need on 3/19

30-Apr             Mayor attended afternoon court session was asked to leave by Judge.  Mayor asked for a subpoena and judge said she would get it done.

3-Apr               heard through rumor mill that a juror submitted a letter to DA and Defense that mayor tried to “friend him on Facebook”

4-Apr               Mayor went to court and was asked by the defense, (claiming he is on the defense witness list) to leave

4-Apr               Mayor asked court reporter for transcripts, and was told that since he is a witness for the DA that he could not order them.

7-Apr               Mayor asked Court Reporter to supply the name of the Person who instructed her not to supply transcript.

9-Apr               Judge announce in Court that Mayor Sabatino is not allowed to by transcripts of the trial.