Landfill Public Record Request September 27, 2016


September 27, 2016

John P. Doering, County Counsel
1010 10th St., Suite 6400
Modesto, CA 95354

Re: Response letter of September 9, 2016 by Robert J. Taro to public records request of August 16, 2016
Cancel August 16, 2016 request and replace with September 27, 2016 request.

Dear Mr. Doering

I would appreciate any future communication between us would appear over your signature because you would have firsthand knowledge of the information requested.

As Mayor of Modesto from 2000 – 2004 I exposed the landfill scandal, which your clients, the Board of Supervisors, County CEO Reagan Wilson and County Counsel Michael Krausnick were involved.

During my term as Mayor of Modesto I learned the staff drill of responding to public requests by burying vital information and volumes of paper. In order to further bury the information they would declare it exempt and redact what they provide.

Therefore, I am canceling my general request for information and asking you for specific documents that you should be able to produce in one day.

Please provide the following:

1. A report produced by then solid waste manager for the City of Modesto Jocelyn Reed, dated February 10, 2004 and titled;
“Review of water use and orchard acreage on County owned “Fink Road Farm.”

This report identifies many other documents that I am seeking. You need not bother to redact some of these documents because they are also available from the City of Modesto.

At the September 23, 2003 Council meeting, the Council directed staff to research questions and concerns raised by citizens, Mayor Sabatino, and the Council about the Stanislaus County’s use of landfill enterprise funds in May 1999 2 buy 2100 acres adjacent to the Frank Road landfill.

2. Documents that show who sold the property to the County, at what price, and the bank that handled the transaction.

3. The appraisal that was contracted for and paid by the County Public Works Department under the coordination of County CEO Reagan Wilson.

4. Aerial photos taken in the spring and summer of 1998, prior to the appraisal.

5. A November 2003 letter from the appraiser stating that they would not give the County a copy of the files. The appraiser also refused to let the city examine the files.

6. BankAmericard Purchasing Card Statement of Activity dated January 23, 1998.

7. Notes and memos taken at two meetings attended by Supervisors Simon and Blom as shown on document requested in BankAmericard statement in #6.

8. Letters or memos written by Supervisor Ray Simon, CEO Regan Wilson, County Counsel Michael Krausnick or other county staff on the return of $7 million dollars to City of Modesto residents who were overcharged to help pay for the $19 million to advance a medical waste dump on the west side of the county.

9. What is the present value of the 2,100 acres purchased by the county and who is farming the property?

10. Copies of minutes from September 23, 2003 City of Modesto Council meeting.

11. All copies of correspondence between new Del Puerto an old flat water districts between January 1998 and December 2001.

12. Copies of all payments to water districts from January 1997 and December 2003 for Fink Road Farm.

13. Copies of payments to appraiser for the Fink Road Farm.

My original public records request is canceled and I would appreciate the 10 day response required by law for this current request.

As a former Mayor, I know the drill please do not attempt to bury my requests in reams of paper.

Looking forward to your cooperation,

Carmen Sabatino, Mayor of Modesto 2000 2004, and publisher of the Back Story