By Mayor Carmen Sabatino 2000-2004

Measure L tax money is for developers not for you!


More reasons to reject Measure L

By Bruce Frohman, Modesto Councilman 2000–2004

“My primary reason for opposing Measure L is that I have never endorsed the idea of using sales tax money to pay for transportation. I prefer to pay a higher gas tax or higher tax on my car. But the state legislature prefers to make local political leaders the bad guys using the matching funds gimmick. Measure L is regressive and does nothing to address the inequity in the tax code.

The issue about Measure L inducing growth is peripheral to the bigger issue: will Measure L funds be used to subsidize new development? If developers pay for all the infrastructure, my objection to new growth (when combined with excellent planning) goes away. I have been so misunderstood about my position over the years, especially by developers. Most people do not understand my nuanced opinion.

A tax that raises a billion dollars needs more than a cursory view because whenever that much money is involved, corruption is sure to pop up. Someone has to be the conscience of good government.”