Jeff Denham – Trump

Senator Denham and President Trump

Immoral Policy
In President Trump’s presidency that has been rocked with controversy, nothing has equaled the outrage he provoked in dealing with immigration – the forced separation of parents from their children.  Grass roots organizations, congressional caucus ‘and even the courts intervened before President Trump backed off the immoral policy.   To this date not all children have been returned to their parents.

The pictures and sounds of those days shocked the nation – dog cages with mats and crying, sobbing parents and children, is something not easily erased or forgotten.   That is why I’m perplexed about the Jeff Denham turnaround on July 2nd (when he was denied access to the juvenile facility).

Change of Heart
it seems that Jeff Denham’s turnaround surrounds his eventual tour of the facilities.  He described them: “It was well-kept, very clean and orderly, they had their own beds and two to a room,” Denham described to McClatchy in a phone call, as media were not permitted to join inside. “They go on weekly field trips and had just gone to a university this week.”

Jeff Denham has now moved lockstep into the Trump vision of immigration.  No doubt that conditions has improved, but caution should be taken and the story of the Nazi propaganda camp should not be forgotten:

The historically well-known propaganda film made by the Nazis to show the International Red Cross and others that they were not mistreating Jews in the “ghettos.” Documentary footage depicts the life of Jews in the ghetto of Czechoslovakia as harmonious and joyful.

They wear yellow stars on their civilian clothing but are euphemistically called residents [“Bewohner”] instead of inmates. They look well-dressed and well-fed and keep smiling. No SS guards or other armed Germans are shown.

Shots include: men and women work contentedly on farm, in factories, making pottery and sculpture, seamstresses and tailors, cobblers, etc. Yellow stars visible on their clothing, but people smile, implying satisfaction.  Recreational activities include spectator sports events in an enclosed courtyard, musical concerts, and a library.  Flourishing community gardens, children at play, women and men socializing. Final view is family dinner scene.

It’s not over
Of the 2,551 children reportedly separated from their parents at the border, 1,820 were reunited with their parents or other guardians by the end of the day Friday, 20 were found to have not been separated and 711 were not eligible for reunification, according to court documents.

Jeff Denham’s field trip pleased at what he saw on field trip.
Rep. Jeff Denham was so pleased with a California immigrant detention facility Monday that he said he’d be willing to have his own children stay there. It is sad that this was even allowed to happen in the first place – but it is sadder that a field trip by Congressmen so easily alleviated his concerns – as it did not alleviate the concerns of his constituents.