Jardine offers Mayor Sabatino “a life changing experience”


April 4, ,2017

Before starting, let me express my love, gratitude and pride for those who work on Love Modesto, Love Ceres, Love Turlock, etc.   One day is fantastic.

Our thanks go to the volunteers who work every day, without sponsorship or credit.  Shouldn’t every day be used to make Modesto Loveable?

On April 11, 2016, I opened the Modesto Bee to this headline:

“Inquiring mind can rest assured, ‘Love Modesto’ signs on solid ground” …By Jeff Jardine


As 4 X 8 “Love Modesto” signs began to cover the landscape last year, I called the city attorney’s office and asked if they were provided for by law.

I was referred to the city clerk’s office and informed that the signs were not lawful and there are “no exceptions”.  It seems that in some cases, signs are O.K. for me, but not for thee…

Bee columnist Jeff Jardine falsely reported that I had called the city and demanded the removal of the signs.

Last year’s April 23 signs are now replaced by April 8 signs.

Jardine is a good creative writer when he writes about puppies and wildflowers, and is suited to work in the District Attorney’s Office where he could create fairytales to lie and prosecute innocent people. Politically, he helps his friends and destroys his enemies using the power of pen and millions of gallons of printers ink. Imagine the power he would have if he had access to investigators and taxpayer dollars like District Attorney Birgit Fladager.

Last year Modesto City Attorney Adam Lindgren (from the Sacramento law firm Myers-Nave), who covers corruption for the city of Modesto, avoided comment on the legality of the Love Modesto signs.

We were left with Jeff Jardine’s opinion. While admitting that he is not a lawyer, Jardine says, “But if Love Modesto signs do blur the lines just a smidgen who cares?”

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff…” Judge, don’t send him to jail, his blood alcohol content was just a “smidgen” over the legal limit, and he didn’t really mean to kill anyone.” This is a sentence that Jardine could write in defense of crime.

This year, City Attorney Lindgren has changed his mind and in a recorded interview alongside Mayor Brandvold they have assured me that the signs will be brought into “full compliance” with the law.

Not this year, but next year!  I guess the 3rd times a charm.

Funny, Jeff – I seem to recall a sign you did not agree with and did all in your power to remove – see our article on ( http://www.backstorynews.com/anatomy-of-old-pals-conducting-a-hit-job/ )


Jeff Jardine Modesto Bee

Jardine gives us this quote, “The city gave us full permission,” Pishney (founder of Love Modesto) said Monday. “Every sign up has the property owner’s permission. There hasn’t been a concern. (ironic as one of Love Modesto’s projects was to remove 420 illegally posted signs across the City) This (Sabatino’s questioning the signs) is the first negative thing I’ve heard. The support has been unprecedented.”

Speaking for himself, Jeff Pishney says “None of what we’ve accomplished would have been possible without the help of marketplace leaders,” Jeff adds, “specifically Pinnacle Forum Partners.

“Pinnacle Forum has a large presence in Modesto. Men like Chuck Bryant, Glen Villanova, Mark Vasche and others.  Transforming culture in our cities” is the stated goal of Pinnacle Forum.  See our earlier article on this organization here (http://www.backstorynews.com/religious-views-and-their-role-in-government-can-never-be-a-secret-matter/ )

Jeff, if you are not already a member of Pinnacle Forum, perhaps you could join to have a life-changing experience of your own.

Without going into details, I have served this community since 1955 as an educator, businessman, philanthropist, and elected mayor after defeating two incumbents in 1999.

You are a young man Jeff, it’s not too late to get your fingernails dirty (besides newspaper ink) and actually help make Modesto Loveable in some meaningful way.