Jardine and Sabatino have history

April 19, 2016

Jardine, in defense of Love Modesto says, “But if Love Modesto’s signs do blur the lines just a smidgen, who cares? It’s a one-day event that’s proven to create long-lasting impacts.”

Jeff, is it ok to avoid accountability for drunk driving if your alcohol level is just a “smidgen” above the limit?


July 28, 2011

Words Matter – By Carmen Sabatino

Why is columnist Jardine writing on SCAP instead of a reporter?  Because his column is not about journalistic news, it’s all about “distraction” and the downplaying of corruption.

Quote….. “• A particular real estate agent made money on every one of SCAP’s property transactions, including some that were purchased with taxpayer money for well more than market value. Real estate agents work on commissions, too.”….Bee columnist Jeff Jardine

Comment….ARE YOU A COWARD JARDINE?  A “particular” real estate agent?  You surely know they are, Joseph Bondi and Mike Zagaris.  Tell me Jeff, are you saying that it’s ok to obtain phony appraisals so you can get higher commissions?

Quote…. ”• The city of Modesto, which filters the Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds for the federal government, has been lax in its oversight and deserves its share of the blame in this fiasco.”….Jeff Jardine

Comment…. It’s not enough to cover for Bondi and Zagaris you want to cover for a mayor that bragged about how he and Julie Hannon got $25 million from the Feds for this great city that is in dire need of help.  You know that the city got 10% of the $25million ($2.5 million) to administer and supervise the money. Mayo Ridenour said how SCAP spent the money was “none of his concern”.

Here is where Jardine gets off the subject of Joe Gibbs involvement in SCAP and writes about him being convicted of vehicular manslaughter in 2010.  Now he brings Sheriff Adam Christianson into the story.

Quotes from Jeff Jardine….”Instead of prison, though, Gibbs was sentenced to a year in the Stanislaus County Jail. And instead of doing jail time, he’s been in a home detention program wearing a GPS tracking device.”

“In 2007, Sheriff Adam Christianson established a policy that prohibited offenders whose crimes involved great bodily harm or death from serving their time through home detention. Christianson, however, can review requests and make exceptions.”

Quotes from Sheriff Adam Christianson….“At the time, when I sat down and met with him, he did not present an immediate or ongoing threat to the community,” Christianson recalled this week. “I already knew about his role (with SCAP), that he was working hard to bring in money for the community in what I thought was a very good program. And there has to be some benefit to the community (in order to get home detention). He was providing a valuable service, in my opinion. You can’t deny he was successful in bringing in dollars.”

“That was before anyone knew anything about the alleged fiscal mismanagement,”

“This whole thing is certainly embarrassing.”

Comment….The fiasco is more than embarrassing for the city and the taxpayers.  For the county the “fiscal mismanagement” in the Sheriff’s department is more than embarrassing…it has been criminal.  Keep talking Christianson, Jardine will help you.