Investigator Bunch threatens Carson in Courthouse


September 22, 2017

When is enough, enough?  How long will you, the taxpayer tolerate an unaccountable, unrestrained, loose-gun and Machiavellian public servant with police powers.

DA Investigator Kirk Brunch has become unhinged and should frighten everyone who reads this.   He has descended over the years into a deluded, unchecked rouge officer.

By the way, Webster’s offers a spot-on description of this increasingly ill “public servant” who is paid for by the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors Kristen Olsen, Vito Chiesa, Terry Withrow, Dick Monteith and Jim DeMartini

Mach·i·a·vel·li·an – mäkēəˈvelēən,ˌmakēəˈvelēən/ adjective – cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, especially in politics or in advancing one’s career.

Synonyms –  devious, cunning, crafty, artful, wily, sly, scheming, treacherous, two-faced, Janus-faced, tricky, double-dealing, unscrupulous, deceitful, dishonest.

Mentally unstable view of the world as the “ends justifying the means”.

The Back Story can only inform and get the word out – You are the citizens of a county, that should be governed by the US constitution – much in part written to prevent legal/law enforcement/abuse, and must make YOUR voices heard.

Attached  are a recommended readings  for your review – first a PDF detailing the citizen’s arrest of Kirk Bunch (case number S17-42379) due to his publicly witnessed threat to Frank Carson.

The second is Case Number 200162 (CARSON, FRANK VS. COUNTY OF STANISLAUS) where Steve Jacobson, another district attorney investigator, on Feb. 26 “assaulted and battered” Frank Carson, a criminal defense attorney, when Carson attempted to take Jacobson’s picture.

The Modesto Bee reported  on this on July 13th Modesto lawyer who says he was attacked in a courthouse by a prosecution investigator has filed a $75,000 civil rights claim against Stanislaus County.

Steve Jacobson, a district attorney investigator, on Feb. 26 “assaulted and battered” Frank Carson, a criminal defense attorney, when Carson attempted to take Jacobson’s picture, according to the claim, filed by a San Francisco attorney.

Jacobson “went ballistic and lunged at Carson,” smacking his hand and sending his camera skittering down a hallway, the claim reads. … Carson suffered “shock, humiliation and outrage” and wants actual, civil and exemplary damages, the claim says. Jacobson interfered with Carson’s First Amendment right to take photographs and his 14th Amendment right to pursue a trade…”

You’re next, and who will be there to help you?

At what point is investigator Kirk Bunch forced to undergo a Fitness-for-Duty-Evaluation, to determine whether he is psychologically fit and able to conduct his duties, and not harm the public he is sworn to serve?

At the Back Story we have been concerned, and then outraged and now are in fear for your safety as well as the stability of the questionable Judicial System under DA Birgit Fladager.

Take whatever actions are afforded you by the constitution.