April 4, 2017


Finally, the persecution of the Carson 8 is drawing to a close. This agenda driven vendetta is taken on maniacal dimensions. The case is so faulty that the person who engineered and mastered this travesty of justice, Brigit Fladager has never stepped foot inside of the court room in Department 26. This is tantamount to Fladager saying    “I don’t want nuttin to do with this mess”. This is the equivalent of Dr. Frankenstein refusing to take responsibility for the monster he created.

On April 10, 2017, Judge Zuniga will render her decision to hold all, some or none of the Carson 8 defendants over to stand trial. This preliminary hearing has been one of the longest in California history. In this case is drawn statewide and nationwide interest due to the status of the eight people charged with the murder of Korey Kauffman. Among them a prominent attorney, 3 California Highway Patrolmen, two area businessman and two members of the prominent attorneys family.

Those of you who been following the commentaries on this case know that there is a cabal of mutts led by the head mutt Dist. Atty. Fladager and various other mutts under her direct control. There is more evidence showing that Fladager has engineered this vendetta against Frank Carson, who whips her like a redheaded stepchild in court, then any evidence presented that shows the guilt of any members of the Carson 8.

The district attorney has brought charges against numerous innocent people including Mayor Carmen Sabatino, bail bond business owner AJ Pontillo and former police officer Frank Drummond. All three were found innocent by a jury of their peers. In all these cases the same common denominator appears to be a DA investigator by the name of Bunch. He has come to be known as Capt. Crunch Bunch. Another player with Capt. Crunch is Steve Jacobson who is now known as “Jake from State Farm”.

It had been noted several times in court and in commentaries that Capt. Crunch has committed prevarications while testifying but he passes off those prevarications as being mistaken. Citizens who make prevarications while testifying should be charged with perjury. No double standard here. Judge Zuniga stated in open court that State Farm Jake has poor investigation techniques. And the presumption is that he really should not be training any new investigators.

I happen to be watching an old Gunsmoke episode on TV Land and an actor whose name I didn’t catch in the credits was a dead ringer For Capt. Crunch Bunch. He was a snake oil salesman who had been selling whiskey to the Indians and waiving his gun all around while he was searching for wampum or some kind of documents at a bail bond agency, if you get my drift.

Amazingly, in that same episode there was an actress whose name I did not catch in the credits that bore a striking resemblance to Chief Deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira. The actress played the part of a saloon “Angel” at the Long Branch Saloon who went around promising various dregs of society that she can make their life a lot more pleasant and help keep them out of jail for their transgressions if they would play ball with her.

This episode of Gunsmoke had a happy ending. Marshall Matt Dillon ran the snake oil salesmen out of town on a rail and took his gun away and told him to try to be a man without having to wave a gun around. Miss Kitty threw the saloon “Angel” out on the street and told her to quit making promises she can’t keep and to go look for a job she can handle like flipping flapjacks on the cook wagon on a wagon train.

Interestingly during the several days of closing arguments by the defense and the persecution, various and sundry unnecessary law enforcement personnel felt the need to sit in court while wasting taxpayers money. There would be no more testimony or other evidence presented which means they had no business being there.

Among them was Jon “Don’t mention domestic violence around me” Evers and Special Agent “Jed Clampett” Brody who appears to be trying out for a part in a mountain man movie. He’s got a long way to go to make it in Hollywood. Actually I thought Special Agent Brady Brody or whatever, bears  closer resemblance to “Piltdown Man”. (Google it)  Just saying…

Earlier in the hearing it was discovered that Capt. Crunch Bunch had given Robert Woody a polygraph exam that he didn’t tell anybody about until it came out in cross-examination. Capt. Crunch Bunch used a team of geniuses from the California Department of Corrections who if brains were gasoline, neither one of them could power a flea on a motorcycle around the inside of a Cheerio!

So now we are going to reminisce about my input regarding Frick and Frak, Dumb and Dummer from CDC and their education or lack thereof and their certification from the Back Stabbers School of Polygraphy. Actually I think it should be called an institution because they all need to be institutionalized. So let’s go back in time now, enjoy:

8-22-16 Well today was a rare day when I get to come into court. Court started late this morning at about 10:39 AM. John Jefferson from the CDC was on the stand as he was the polygrapher that gave the test to Robert Woody. He’d been called to the stand by defense attorney Percy Martinez.

Either in response to Mr. Martinez’s questions or by objections from Mme. Chief Deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira, Jefferson related the following information:  Special Agent Brody called Special Agent Jefferson to ask him to do a polygraph exam on a subject for the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office.

As Mr. Martinez began to voir dire Mr. Jefferson, he had asked Mr. Jefferson how many polygraphs he has administered. Mr. Jefferson replied “several “which I thought was quite odd as to why he wasn’t pinned down with the actual number at that time. Jefferson stated that when they got ready for the polygraph there was a problem with one of the cameras and he had to call Brody in to take care of the problem.

Jefferson was asked why he couldn’t find the polygraph results and he stated that it was because his employer changed a program and transferred the information to a second computer and THEN THE DOG ATE THE SECOND COMPUTER. Horror of horrors. Jefferson stated that there was a problem obtaining the video proprietary software and encryption.

Jefferson was asked if he did a pretest interview and he stated he did but it was not recorded. Mr. Martinez asked him if it is normal in polygraphs, that the video starts when Robert Woody or any other examinee walks into the room. Mr. Jefferson replied “I don’t recall”. Throughout this morning’s testimony by Mr. Jefferson or should I say Special Agent Jefferson, there were enough “I don’t recall” and “I don’t remembers” to qualify him for employment with the Stanislaus County Dist. Atty.’s investigators staff.

Mr. Jefferson then stated that he does not always record the pretest interviews and he doesn’t remember if he did at this time or not. He knows that the camera was not operating properly and he needed to get assistance from Special Agent Brody.  HELP SPECIAL AGENT BRODY, HELP.

At this time Martha Carlton Magana had noticed that Special Agent Brody was sitting in the jury area by the prosecution table. She told the judge Special Agent Brody needed to be removed from the courtroom because he is in fact a witness. Ms. Magana further stated that she had noticed that Special Agent Brody was making facial gestures to Special Agent Jefferson on the stand.

Judge Zuniga concurred and told Special Agent Brody to leave the courtroom. When Special Agent Brody got up to leave, Special Agent Jefferson’s jaw dropped and it looked like he had just lost his best friend. From that point on Special Agent Jefferson became extremely nervous and jittery. It was as if he didn’t know for sure how to answer questions so they would not mess up the Dist. Atty.’s case and he had no “signaler” there for him. So that’s the story of the end of Heckle and Jeckle.   The, the ,the that’s all folks.

When Special Agent Jefferson testified earlier about the fact that the camera wasn’t working properly before interviewing Woody, Special Agent Jefferson stated that the camera should’ve been working properly and he should’ve checked it. Shoulda, woulda and coulda.  We’ve all heard that before.  Here!

The whole case against the Carson 8 is a myriad of shoulda, woulda and coulda’s. Now Webster Merriam dictionary defines a myriad as 1) 10,000 and 2) a great number. I think that definition #1 is probably closer to the facts than definition #2. You add that to all of the lies testiLIED to by the prosecution dirt bag witnesses for consideration in their cases and this whole stupid case BLOWS UP!!

Special Agent Jefferson was asked by Mr. Martinez where he did his training for polygraph. He stated it was at the Baxter School of Polygraph in Sacramento. And as I mentioned before when he was asked how many polygraphs he had done his answer was “several”.


As I mentioned before, once Special Agent Brody had to leave the courtroom, Special Agent Jefferson became very nervous and fidgety. He’s probably wishing by now that he had never answered Special Agent Brody’s phone call that day back on April 24, 2014. This’ll teach him to leave his phone on silent from now on.

As Mr. Martinez was questioning him about his training at the; well let’s wait just a minute here people. Being the investigator I am, I decided to look up the Huckster, darned spell check I mean the Backster Poly School.  Here’s a couple of nuggets from their webpage:


High School or equivalent graduate

18 years old

No misdemeanor convictions involving moral turpitude

No felony convictions involving moral turpitude or other felony convictions within the last 7 years.

So let’s see now, you can receive a certificate at least from this school, even if you are a convicted felon and it was more than seven years ago. I am aghast at the great reputation this school must have. So if you can walk, talk, have a heartbeat, $5000 plus in your hand and if you’re felony conviction is at least seven years and one day old, COME ON DOWN![1]

On the application that can be seen on the website, it requires three personal references. I wonder for the three personal references, if you can just list their prison numbers for those friends you left behind or if you actually have to use names. Gee, this is a great school.

From the looks of this bulletin on their enrollment website, it appears the state of Oklahoma has caught up with them: ***PRIORITY CHANGE NOTIFICATION (PE-195):  Our scheduled Oklahoma City course had to be canceled due to new Oklahoma polygraph school licensure requirements.  We have returned to our home base in San Diego.  “ HOME SWEET HOME”!

Okay people, I’m getting so excited hearing about this great school. Now I wonder getting federal funding for my education there and I want to know what kind of certificate I get, so here it is:

A certificate is issued for satisfactory completion of the academic phase of the course.

A final graduation certificate is issued after successful completion of a field project consisting of 20 polygraph examinations

This accreditation is not approved by the Board of Education so federal funds are not applicable.

This school currently does not have available sponsored programs, government or otherwise, to provide grants or to pay for portions of tuition fees.

Oh horse puckey!! Double darn!! Not approved by the Board of Education.  No fed loan money. Crap!! If this ain’t a pile of Doo Doo. I can always just go commit a crime again and get three hots and a cot.

Getting back to the business at hand, Mr. Martinez asked special agent Jefferson if in his training he was told that he is supposed to write a report after each test. Special agent Jefferson replied “Yes”.  Special agent Jefferson was then asked did you write a report? Special agent Jefferson answered “No”. Special agent Jefferson was then asked, did you ever write a report? Special agent Jefferson stated “Yes”. Special agent Jefferson was then asked when did you write the report? Special agent Jefferson answered “August 17…………………………………………………………… after much hesitation he stated 2016.

Special Agent Jefferson was asked if he gave the report to an investigator and he stated “no”. Special Agent Jefferson stated that he gave the results to Special Agent Brody and to Robert Woody’s attorney verbally. Special Agent Jefferson went on to state that he formulated the questions for the test from information received from Special Agent Brody and Special Agent Bunch. This sounds like a bunch.

Mr. Martinez then asked Special Agent Jefferson Avenue he had discussed the results with Stanislaus County Dist. Atty. after the test and he stated “Yes”. This caused Mme. Chief Deputy district attorney Ferreira to raise in immediate objection. Mme. Chief Deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira went on and on and on and on. Come on Mme. Chief Deputy district attorney, take a breath”. Give it a rest.

Special Agent Jefferson then explained that a pretest interview is supposed to establish rapport, show that the polygraph is consensual and it makes the examinee feel at ease. All very nice. Special Agent Jefferson was asked if Woody made any unsolicited statements before the test. Here comes another “I don’t recall”.

Special Agent Jefferson was then asked if he had been told that Frank Carson had been involved in this case.  Whoa!! Guess what?  He said “I don’t recall”. Imagine that. Special Agent Jefferson was then asked if Special Agent Brody told him that Korey Kauffman was killed for stealing stuff from the Frank Carson property? Of course Mme. Chief Deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira objects. Her objection was overruled by Judge Zuniga.  KAPOW, ZAP AND SLAP AGAIN.


Special Agent Jefferson was then asked if Special Agent Brody wanted a copy of the whole report recently. Saints preserve us, Mme. Chief Deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira again voices an objection stating “He is leading the witness Your Honor”!  Judge Zuniga overruled her objection, KAPOW, ZAP AND SLAP AGAIN and stated “Yes he is and I’m letting him do it”!  KAPOW, ZAP AND SLAP AGAIN. That’s three strikes in just two paragraphs people. Mme. Chief Deputy district attorney, “YOUR FIRED!!!!”. Well we can hope can’t we?????????????????????

Then Special Agent Jefferson was asked if he told Robert Woody that the test could exonerate him? I never thought I’d hear this again, his answer was “I don’t recall ”.  Special Agent Brody was then asked if Special Agent Bunch had requested him to perform the polygraph test. Then nervous Nelly began with well Special Agent Brody asked me who I guess he got the information from Special Agent Bunch who wanted the test done. Hey!  This Special Agent Jefferson must have worked for Arthur Murray dance studio before he decided to become a “dedicated”, a loose term thrown around with the law enforcement involved in this case as a career. He’s only a beginner though at the Arthur Murray dance studio because not quite dancing around all the answers.

HOT NEWS FLASH!!!  This afternoon Special Agent Jefferson was asked had to answer the question of how many polygraphs he had completed. It got narrowed down to less than five. Hey guess what folks! Special Agent Jefferson had not completed the necessary 20 polygraph examinations necessary to become certified and receive a certificate. So obviously the Robert Woody polygraph was one of Special Agent Jefferson’s “practice games “so to speak.

So here we have the District Attorney’s Office using unqualified people and they have had many, and try to pass them off as experts. Same old stuff.

Be careful out there folks, there may be false charges coming to a home near you. YOURS.

Well due to my workload and running behind I need to cut this short now but I’ll be back again before you know it with more commentaries. And I certainly hope that when Brody and everyone else at the District Attorney’s Office read this, they won’t think I’m picking on Brady, whoops I mean Brody. It’s just that when you hang around certain people, everybody gets their turn in the barrel.

Bye for now!