The Back Story is raising money to purchase transcripts that can be provided to all the defendants in this case.

District Attorney Ferreira can afford transcripts for prosecution…can she afford bail?

Georgia Carson had to pay $360,000 for bail.  That is money taken from her by Ferreira so that she can’t use that money for attorneys and transcripts.

DA Fladager, and her office has spent $4 million on the Carson case.

This money has been provided by the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors, Dick Monteith, Bill O’Brien, Vito Cheisa, Terry Withrow, and Jim DeMartini, all Republicans.

DeMartini was quoted at $3 million and said the DA will lose the case.





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  1. This was simply revolting to me when I witnessed it in court. Marlissa Fereirra simply has no class, and is in a category less than that of a chimpanzee. Heads will roll after this trial concludes.

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